Untangled and On-the-Go with New VerveOnes!

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The summer so far has been pretty sweltering. I know because I spend almost every day downtown among sweaty tourists, and glaringly hot city streets. Ah, midtown. I’ve been digging up and relying on every single piece of light clothing I have – which is saying a lot because I usually rock a NY’ers uniform, as in all black everything. Being as light and as unencumbered as possible is my way of attempting to escape the gross sticky heat that has settled on the city. I’ve even ditched my massive carry-everything purse. And speaking of accessories, I recently got my hands on VerveLife’s newest set of headphones, which I’m not going to lie is the coolest piece of tech in my bag right now.

VerveOne Wireless Earbuds

I consider myself somewhat of a tech geek, like most millennials I’m always on the lookout for the next product that makes my life easier and my work life a more seamless experience. VerveLife is totally there for me on that front, they’re a new brand just recently releasing a new range of wireless connected audio and video devices. Including these VerveOne Smart Earbuds.

Smart Earbuds Verve Ones VerveLifeEarbuds

These babies allow me to stay connected to my tech, minus the wire. If you’re like me, then you probably carry earbuds in your purse or bag, and you’ve probably damaged the wiring in your headphones tugging them out from the tangled mess in your bag. I can’t tell you how many pairs of headphones and earbuds that I’ve had to replace doing that. The VerveOne Smart Earbuds are completely wireless, so no more untangling wires from the bottom of my purse.

VerveLife Headphones

The VerveOnes come in a charge case, which is basically your charging station as well as a travel-friendly case. You twist the case to open it, and you also twist and pull (or push if inserting) your headphones to remove them from their slots. A variety of ear gels are provided, and Verve encourages you to find the right fit – meaning your left and right ear canal might have a different size. I actually never thought of that, which is probably why one side of my earbuds usually fits and the other doesn’t – at least it used to, now I have the proper size gels so my VerveOne earbuds are staying put.

Wireless Earbuds VerveLife

You just pair them up with your Bluetooth device, technically the left earbud connects with your device and the right connects with the left – which you should keep in mind when trying to pass an earbud over to a friend or relative. You can also use the left as a single-unit device. It’s definitely an easy to use device, there are no complicated directions, charging is a breeze and the earbuds even let you know when they’re in need of a charge.

Must Have Tech Accessories VerveLife

I’ve been using them for a while now. They recommend that you keep the earbuds within a short distance from your device for ideal connectivity. I like to keep my phone on the table by my bed, which is right by my head, and let some music play while I study or read. I can sit up and adjust my space without snagging on a wire or having to remove the earbuds. The convenience is great. If you’re a runner, you’ll love being able to stay connected without the wire, and these are compact enough to fit in your shorts or toss into your gym bag. The VerveOnes are a perfect accessory for work, school, relaxing, enjoying your latest playlist or taking an important call. With a deep HD sound – and Siri & Google connectivity – plus, up to 12 hours of playtime, I can officially say I’m obsessed with them!

VerveLifeVerveLife has released some other exciting products too:

  • VerveOnes and VerveOnes+: A virtual “computer in your ear” and the result of 18-months of Motorola and Binatone joint engineering, VerveOnes are true wireless stereo earbuds completely free of wires. HD quality sound, clear voice calls, Siri and Google Now compatible, and a category leading 12-hours of battery life.
  • VerveCam+: A wearable, social, livecasting camera that never misses a beat, the VerveCam+ offers 2.5k HD motion video, photo and video editing, time-lapse and loop recording. Livestream to YouTube in real time. Use the waterproof case and capture the next beach vacation. Comes with a universal mount, bumper, lanyard and a wearable clip to film every active moment. VerveCam+ will be supported by a range of additional mounts sold in separate Action and Home accessory packs.
  • VerveRider and VerveRider+: Comfortable, collar-style “wearable” earbuds for those on the go, the VerveRider offers 12-hours of battery life, rich HD sound, an integrated mic for calls, and is Siri and Google Now compatible. Get your workout going with the VerveRider+, which is also sweat and waterproof.
  • VerveLoop+: Take your music anywhere. Ideal for sports and gym, the VerveLoop+ wireless earbuds are super lightweight, sweat and waterproof and have up to 10-hours of battery life to enjoy music, podcasts and more, long after your workout has finished.

Find out more about VerveLife and the VerveOne Completely Wireless Earbuds here.

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