Why We’re Obsessed With This $6 Hair Oil

If you’re a beauty junkie like we are, then you know there are a ton of beautifying oils out there. Argan, Moringa, Marula, Coconut, Rose Hip, the list is never ending. And frankly it can get a bit overwhelming trying to find an oil that works for you. Not too long ago OGX sent us a few products to try throughout the summer. One of them sort of sat on our editorial shelves for a while, just waiting to be discovered. And discovered it was – all of our beauty girls loved this oil, and each of them has a different type of hair texture (ranging from very curly to wavy-straight and color-treated). Here’s what you need to know about the OGX healing + vitamin E Penetration Oil:

Penetrationg Oil

This oil is designed to help heal up dry, damaged, and brittle damaged hair via an infusion of Vitamin E. Vitamin E has it’s uses, from hair, to skin and nails, it’s a favorite among natural oil fans and with good reason. It’s a relatively inexpensive antioxidant and is meant to have conditioning and moisturizing properties. While you can use the oil solo, we observed that it is a little thicker than some other oil formulations out there, which can weigh down the hair shaft. We recommend mixing this beauty up with your favorite leave-in wash-out conditioner.

OGX Penetrating OilAffordable Vitamin E Hair Oil

Our favorite combo? A quarter-sized amount of this Penetration Oil along with Aussie’s classic 3-minute leave-in conditioner.

As for the ingredients, the formulation is quite simple, keeping in mind that yes the Tocopherol Acetate (E) is a form of vitamin E (in case you were looking specifically for that, like we were). The primary ingredient is a version of silicone (CPS) which works to make your mane feel and look, well, fabulous.

We’re wild about this oil because it’s not just another oil. Not only is it affordable, but it turned one of our lady’s color-treated hair from straw-like to soft and silky, and another’s heat-stressed tresses into shiny and manageable. At, $5-6 a bottle, it’s easy to see why we’re obsessed.

Vitamin E Oil

*Product sample was provided for editorial consideration. As usual, as people with a sensitive skin, we always suggest that you consult with your dermatologist & spot test your products before you use them.*

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