Cha Das Cinco: Breakfast in Porto

Located on the Douro river estuary, which follows upriver until it reaches the Atlantic Ocean, Porto is the second largest city in Portugal. It was the third country, and second stop on my recent trip overseas. I was enamored with the Portuguese city, with its stone streets, blue and white azulejos tiles, old churches and monasteries. Before heading out for a full day of adventure, and no small amount of shopping, my friend and I stopped by Cha Das Cinco.

A small café located literally steps away from our AirBnb, Cha Das Cinco was a pleasant surprise and a perfect way to start the morning. Locals and tourists stopped by, though the street was a seemingly slow and quiet one, to buy coffee and a few select pastries.

Having skipped dinner the night before, I was ravenous when I opted for French toast with raspberry compote and mascarpone. It was divine. I quite liked the floral iced tea that I picked out from their menu as well, it went perfectly with the sweetness of the raspberry compote.

My friend had a grilled cheese with chips and a yogurt dip. She also picked out a floral tea, which – after some research – I found come from the Companhia Portugueza do Chá and the infusions of the biological Herbs of Zoé (more on that here).

The owner – Sofia Lemos da Costa – was more than helpful, providing English menu’s to tourists and recommending her favorite teas and treats. The pastries served at Cha Das Cinco (which roughly translates to Tea of Five), are all homemade and their tempting aroma scents the entire café.

I do encourage travelers to share about small businesses like Cha Das Cinco, not only are they helpful for fellow travelers like me who use social media to find new (good) places to try but they also help support entrepreneurs who take the risk of running food-based businesses. This quick breakfast was one of the many highlights of my Porto adventures (more posts coming your way!) – do you have a recommendation for a good meal in Porto, Portugal, or Lisbon?

Cha Das Cinco
Praça da Alegria, 63, Oporto
T. 91 641 9826

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