Best Airbnb in Porto: Casa Da Praca

My first trip to Portugal was not without adventure, we arrived late at night and I was fighting off a severe and persistent cold that seemingly would not quit. When we arrived at Casa Da Praca, Elio – the property manager – was a sight for sore eyes. Not only was he extremely welcoming, helping us with our bags and showing us around, he also took the time to give us the lay of the land and point us in the right direction for a late light meal.

Located in a local neighborhood just a few minutes from central Porto, the property is absolutely lovely. You’re not far from many local shops, and there’s an excellent café across the street for some tea and French toast (see my post on Cha Das Cinco here). Elio informed us that Casa Da Praca had just recently completed renovations and that we were one of the first handful of guests. With about four floors, each of the rooms are designed to fit a certain theme. Ours (if you can’t tell) was sports themed.

We were big fans of the vintage speedbag and gloves. Little details like these were plentiful, and on theme, throughout the entire studio.

It’s clear that a lot of care went into the design of the apartment, it’s actually a lot like staying in a boutique hotel without the concierge. There was a small kitchen area, bathroom, and sink – all of it apart of the open studio room that we were staying in.

Downstairs, the shared living area is also tastefully designed – with antiques and books in many different languages. Right outside is the jewel of the property – the pool! We actually picked this Airbnb because of the pool, unfortunately it rained a lot of the time that we were in Porto and we ended up spending all our time wandering the city. That being said, if you were planning on traveling to Porto during the warmer months I definitely recommend that you stay at Casa Da Praca and plan on making use of the pool.

The pool is spotless and makes up the entirety of the enclosed backyard. Bright pink flowers and orange trees dot the pool area, filling the air with their sweet scent.

We stayed at a number of Airbnb’s during our trip to Spain, Portugal, and France, and I can quite honestly say that Casa Da Praca was the best. It was clean, the host was friendly, it was centrally located, the amenities were perfect, the actual home and rooms itself were very secure. It was the kind of stay that makes you look forward to returning – which I hope to do soon!

Our stay came out to about $81/night, you can book your stay at Casa Da Praca using my link here.

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