Book Review: Shades of Doon

I loved the Doon series so much that I finished each book within hours. I’m a speedy reader by nature, but I only ever finish a book within 24 hours when it’s a story that has fully sunk its claws into me, and all three Doon installments did that completely. Saying I’m hooked would be a vast understatement. The latest addition to the series, Shades of Doon, written by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon, is another chapter in the girls’ exciting tale involving the kingdom of Doon.

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For those of you unfamiliar with this popular YA fantasy series, allow me to introduce you to our two main characters Veronica and Mackenna – best friends, both with their fair share of endearing and frustrating qualities. They’re the kind of girls I’d totally be friends with. We also have two swoon-worthy male leads. During the first book we’re introduced to our two MC’s, along with the enchanting (but soon troubled) land of Doon and our eclectic cast of characters. The second book, Destined for Doon, was pretty much a whole world of angst (but good angst) in terms of Kenna and Duncan. We also deal with the reemergence of a big bad as well as getting to watch how Veronica deals with her new role and what that means for her and Jamie.

When I first read that this book, Shades of Doon, would take Mackenna and Veronica (Verranica) back to their former lives I was both apprehensive and excited. Apprehensive because both of the girls have matured since the first book and it’s easy for characters to slip back into old behaviors and court old fears when faced with their past – which is also why I was excited because it likewise gave our girls the opportunity to grow, not only as individuals but also as people in relationships.

Shades of Doon by Carey Corp & Lorey Langdon Review | read more at

What I find is most striking about the Doon series, and especially in this latest installment is that I feel like Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon have really given us two utterly believable and relatable characters – within a not-entirely-relatable setting. In fact, even our two leading men – Jamie and Duncan – are not without their flaws. Vee and Kenna are not two dimensional, they’re complex within reason (and I say within reason, because I’m not overly fond of characters that are written to be cliche’ and illogical – which Kenna and Vee are not either of). Their personal problems are not insurmountable and their reactions are spot on.

Shades of Doon delivers thoroughly on “I must go back and re-read (and re-read again)” moments – especially during the time that Vee, Kenna, Jamie, and Duncan spend in the modern world. It also features plenty of fun and intrigue – let’s just say that you will be left clinging to the edge of your seat/couch/bed. And if you have any lingering questions after Destined for Doon, yes, they do all get answered!

The second book did leave us with a cliffhanger, but this one *spoiler* leaves us with the mother of all cliffhangers! So much so that I’m ridiculously excited for the fourth book (which is slated for release in the fall of 2016) – actually I read on Sara Ella’s blog that their will only be four Doon books, which is sort of disappointing because honestly I just can’t get enough of Vee, Kenna, Fergus, Fiona, and the MacCrae brothers!

Guys, I’m entirely engrossed with this story in the best sort of way, pick it up and you will be too!

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*I was sent an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review*


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