Restylane® Silk: The Secret to #GorgeousLips

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Restylane® Silk. However, the thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Back in July I was asked to join some of the internet’s top beauty influencers for an informational brunch about Restylane® Silk – the first and only FDA-approved product specifically designed for lip enhancement and the smoothing of wrinkles around the mouth in patients 21 years of age and older. Held at the Affinia Hotel, Dr. Peredo spoke to us about Restylane® Silk and shared her thoughts and experiences with it. Also, during the brunch I not only saw some of my favorite bloggers have a Restylane® Silk treatment, but also talk about their past experience with it and suffice it to say I was pretty much blown away with how amazing the treatment is!

Restylane® Silk: The Secret to #GorgeousLips Restylane® Silk: The Secret to #GorgeousLips

Now, thanks in part to certain celebrities, there tends to be a stigma associated with getting any “work” done – we’ve all seen the horrors of frozen smiles and unnatural looking lips. I have to be honest, before the brunch with Restylane® Silk and Dr. Peredo, the thought of getting any sort of filler seemed really risky to me and definitely something I only thought I’d have to consider far, far later in life. On top of that, I never considered Restylane® being used as not just an wrinkle-smoother, but also as a beauty enhancer – now I know differently! Dr. Peredo was so informative, she walked us through the natural aging process – everything from the math of beauty to the latin roots of the words used to describe areas of the lip – as well as discussing what Restylane® Silk does.

Restylane® Silk: The Secret to #GorgeousLipsRestylane® Silk: The Secret to #GorgeousLips

Basically, Restylane® Silk Injectable Gel is the first and only FDA-approved product specifically designed for lip enhancement and the smoothing of wrinkles around the mouth in patients. It’s different than other Restylane® products because it utilizes smaller, smoother particles. Dr. Peredo assured us that in order to get the most out of your experience with Restylane® Silk, and really to get the best final product, you want to be sure that the physician injecting you comes highly recommended and board certified. She also suggested not turning to a plastic surgeon for Restylane® treatments, as in her experience, at the end of the day they’re more proficient in plastic surgery and will likely encourage you to pursue that form of treatment instead.

Restylane® Silk: The Secret to #GorgeousLips

Now you might not think you need any sort of treatment yet – but Restylane® Silk can actually be used on patients as young as 21. Why would they want that treatment? Well according to Dr. Peredo in some cases, thanks to genetics or habitual activity that speeds up the aging process (like smoking, etc.) some patients have found that they would like to restore or invigorate the area around their mouth. Restylane® Silk is made up of a transparent hyaluronic acid gel – it’s a unique particle gel formulation which uses an ultrafine needle (great for those of us who are shy around needles) which are designed to smooth the folds and wrinkles around the mouth and provide subtle fullness and definition to create a more natural-looking smile. P.S. In case you were wondering, hyaluronic acid is just a sugar that is naturally found in the skin – it helps keep it hydrated, full, and elastic!ƒ

Restylane® Silk: The Secret to #GorgeousLips

Now down to the nitty gritty – how long does it last? And is it painful? The effects of the treatment is meant to last 6 months, in some cases – according to Dr. Peredo – it can last longer. In fact, according to a clinical study 76% of patients still had lip improvement six months following injection! The ladies at the event who had treatment done recently said they experienced a small amount of bruising, which was easily concealed with any typical oil-based concealer. But, as with any other HA gel that is injected into the lips, the most common side effects are swelling, tenderness, bruising, pain and redness at the injection site. For additional side effects, including important safety information, please visit:

I’m so thrilled that I was invited to attend – I actually learned so, so much! I’m definitely looking into the treatment myself now that I know and have seen the results first hand. Thank you so much Restylane® Silk & Dr. Peredo for having me!

Important Safety Information

Indications: The Restylane family of products includes Restylane ®, Restylane-L®, Restylane® Silk, Restylane® Lyft with Lidocaine, and Perlane®. Restylane, Restylane-L, Restylane Lyft with Lidocaine, and Perlane are indicated for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds. Restylane and Restylane-L are indicated for mid-to-deep dermal implantation. Perlane and Restylane Lyft with Lidocaine are indicated for implantation into the deep dermis to superficial subcutis. Restylane Silk is indicated for submucosal implantation for lip augmentation and dermal implantation for correction of perioral rhytids in patients over the age of 21. Restylane Lyft with Lidocaine is also indicated for cheek augmentation and for the correction of age-related midface contour deficiencies in patients over the age of 21. Restylane and Restylane-L are also indicated for submucosal implantation for lip augmentation in patients over the age of 21.

Products in the Restylane family contain traces of gram-positive bacterial protein and are contraindicated for patients with allergies to such material or in patients with severe allergies that have required in-hospital treatment. These products should not be used by patients with bleeding disorders or by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Restylane and Restylane-L for lip enhancement and Restylane Silk should not be used by people under 22 years. Restylane-L, Restylane Silk and Restylane Lyft with Lidocaine should not be used by anyone with a known allergy to lidocaine. Products should not be injected anywhere except the dermis, superficial subcutis (Perlane and Restylane Lyft with Lidocaine only), or lip submucosa (Restylane, Restylane-L, and Restylane Silk only).

Use of products in the Restylane family at the site of skin sores, pimples, rashes, hives, cysts, or infection should be postponed until healing is complete. The most commonly observed side effects are swelling, redness, pain, bruising, headache, tenderness, and itching at the injection site. These are typically mild in severity and typically resolve in less than 7 days. Serious but rare side effects include delayed onset infections, recurrence of herpetic eruptions, and superficial necrosis at the injection site. Do not implant into blood vessels. Use with caution in patients recently treated with anticoagulant or platelet inhibitors to avoid bleeding and bruising.

The Restylane family of products is available only through a licensed practitioner. Complete Instructions for Use for Restylane, Restylane-L, Restylane Silk, and Perlane are available at Complete Instructions for Use for Restylane® Lyft with Lidocaine is available at


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