6 Ways to End Your NYC Summer with Gilt City

Are you looking for a perfect way to enjoy the last couple of weeks of your summer in the city? Gilt City has plenty of ways you can make some perfect end-of-summer memories. You guys know I love Gilt City, it’s my favorite voucher experience website – I check Gilt City New York on an almost daily basis, and I have had memorable experiences every time I’ve used their vouchers. So when they asked me to share some of their latest offers, I jumped at the chance! Check out my picks to finish off your summer:

Catch a Great Meal

Catch NYC Gilt City

Gilt City features many of the city’s finest places to eat. Catch NYC, located in the Meatpacking District, serves modern twists on classic seafood! On GiltCity.com enjoy 40% off your weekday lunch for two – which generously includes two appetizers, two entrees, one signature side, and one signature dessert to share!

Frida al Fresco


Check out ‘Frida al Fresco’ Evenings at the New York Botanical Garden for 23% off when you buy a ticket on Gilt City now! For $27, you can take in this thought-provoking exhibit featuring Mexican botanical life and some rare works from the sensational Frida Kahlo.

Sail Around the City

Manhattan by Sail

I know I love sailing, so this experience is definitely up my alley! Enjoy stunning views of the city during a sale with Manhattan by Sail – a charter company that boasts an impressive 4.5 Trip Advisor rating! Save up to 28% off on a cruise for one (including a $10 drinks voucher) on Gilt City.

Fans of SNL


Fans of SNL will love going behind the scenes, meeting SNL’s key players, past and present, and interacting with sets, props, and costumes in a way only the cast has for the last 40 years.  Access for two adults, four adults, or the family is up to 40% off on GiltCity.com ($39-$69). 

Boat Bound


Rent a beautiful boat within minutes on Boatbound.com. Try watersports, explore a local fishing hole, or set out on a leisurely sail on the tri-state area’s wonderful waterways. Save $100, $200 or $400 on Boatbound.com by visiting GiltCity.com starting August 24th.

Head to the Hamptons

Hampton Luxury Liner

Embark on a luxurious day-trip on the Hampton Luxury Liner! Tour three vineyards, sip the finest wines, and unwind during a live music performance, courtesy of Gilt City. Save up to 55% on these all-day wine tours for one or two people ($89-$165) on GiltCity.com starting August 27th.

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So check out Gilt City and never ever feel FOMO (fear of missing out) – like these guys: 😉


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