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For most of my childhood self-help books were a big deal. I mean a really big deal. Book stores would stock them in the front and rapidly sell out of big name advice-givers in hours. Like all trends, the self-help boom petered out, leaving a whole generation of skeptics behind. Until recently I was one of them. It would be kind of misleading to label Life Reimagined’s Become the Best Version of Yourself: A personal guided journey by Dr. Phil just as “self-help”. In fact, the course is very reminiscent of an actual online class (which I’ve taken before). It’s structured so that you have to personally participate. This isn’t picking up a book and dog-earing a page every now and then. This involves personal buy-in, which to me equals actual results. Let me tell you a little bit more about it:

Life Reimagined

Become the Best Version of Yourself: A personal guided journey by Dr. Phil is a new digital subscription course from Life Reimagined, which includes free activities and original video content with Dr. Phil himself. It’s designed to help you get in touch with your authentic self by working through major moments in your past and understanding how they impacted your sense of identity.

Sign-up is really easy (and you can get a free trial right now too!), you just need your name and your email. Then you can jump into individual quizzes – when I first signed up I dived right into the Authenticity Scale. I was intrigued by the title – people are always going on about “authenticity” especially when it comes to social media, but then hearing how Dr. Phil explained it I, admittedly, was a little reluctant.

Authenticity Scale

Introspection can be rough, even when you prepare yourself for it. I have experience with failure, combine that with how I personally perceive myself and others. Well, I wasn’t that eager to get into all of that then, haha! I could not believe how accurate my results were – sort of awkward in their truthfulness. I really enjoyed that the video that is presented with your results is tailored to your score (I’m assuming it’s a range) and Dr. Phil explains the results, making them clear and not harping on about it – the video is only ever a few minutes each.

Authentic Self

Another great thing about the program is that your results are saved in your journal – so it’s not like those online quizzes where you can refresh the page, take the quiz differently, and get sorted into the right wizarding house. Along with the Authenticity Scale, you’ll also get to take the Test of Congruency upon your intro to the course. As you can see here, I’m fairly confident but still have plenty of room for improvement. Even though the program saves your results I like to keep a journal with me throughout the process. Basically I take down key bits of information that resonate with me, much like you would highlight quotes in an article or inspirational speech – I like to keep hold of things that I want to apply to my worldview.

Test of Congruency

I was really impressed with the entire course. I think you know it’s effective when you hear things or read results that are hard to swallow because they hit home so well. I personally discovered some truths about myself, that there is can be an inconsistency with the person I am and the person I want to be. But it’s not impossible to change, to mature and grow towards living the life I want to live. All in all it was a really refreshing and inspirational experience, I feel like it sort of gets you out of a rut. It’s a great opportunity to step back and re-evaluate your personal projection and alter your course. Sometimes small things can keep you back from your larger goals both professionally and personally, so it’s good to take time for you and to figure out what those things are and take steps to change them.

I definitely recommend giving the Life Reimagined course a try. Right now they are offering a 14 day trial free of charge. So, are you ready to start working on becoming the best version of yourself too? 14 days are plenty of time to take a few quizzes, watch videos, complete exercises and discover if this program is right for you too!

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