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Not too long ago I found the perfect dress. I’m talking about that perfect, classic but somehow still trendy, fits-like-a-dream dress. I tried it in store and promptly ordered it online. The day it came in the mail I was so excited, I tried it on immediately and twirled around my bedroom like some young singleton starring in her own romcom. I tried it on with all my shoes, as you do, and promptly wore it out to the next few events.

Downy April Fresh

Then in a true bonehead move I threw it in with the wash. Repeatedly, without any treatment, just plain ‘ol detergent. I know, rookie mistake. If I had been using Downy maybe I wouldn’t have ended up with a dress that began to fade and stretch before it’s time and I would still be wearing it today.

Downy Ultra Fabric Protect

See, Downy Fabric Conditioner is designed to actually protect your favorite clothes – and who am I kidding, all my clothes are my favorites, from my ratty old camp shirt from middle school to my brand new lace-overlay navy dress! Downy works to soften, condition, and strengthen fibers in clothes and dream-dresses.

How does it work? By coating each fiber, Downy Fabric Conditioner protects clothes from all that friction that occurs during the washing cycle. Friction and agitation that can cause colors to fade, and fabric to lose its shape, it also can cause piling, and fuzz. Basically all that’s detrimental to everything from a vintage piece (we’re talking classic jeans that you dug out from your mom’s collection) to your new replacement dream dress (because the original was no longer in stock). Thanks to Downy, my clothes will live to see another day.

Downy 3Downy 105 Loads

And honestly, who doesn’t love how amazing Downy makes your clothes smell? There really is nothing like grabbing a warm Downy-scented towel fresh out of the laundry, or slipping into your favorite soft leggings right out of the dryer. It’s like the promise of naps and Netflix bingeing – irresistible.

I pick up my Downy Fabric Conditioner at Walmart, it’s always convenient since I do a lot of shopping there anyways. Plus, the price is always on point. Available at Walmart and, learn more and shop for it here.


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