Updating Your Skincare Routine for the Fall with Pond’s

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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m more than ready for cooler weather! Actually in my ideal world, it would be spring and fall all year round – during those seasons weather in NYC is pretty amazing and I wish it was that way all the time. Anyways, before I get all sidetracked, now that the weather is changing it’s also a good idea to switch up your beauty routine and customize it for your seasonal skincare concerns. I have combo type skin that gets incredibly dry and oily during the summer (yeah, I know, it’s horrific) and in the autumn my only concern is just milk dryness. Luckily, I’ve been using Pond’s Cold Cream every autumn and winter for the past few years.

Ponds Cold Cream

Pond’s Cold Cream is one of those classic beauty products that everyone and their mother know about – I’m not even kidding, they’ve been around for over 100 years, so chances are that everyone, their mother, and their grandmother have had their hands on this cream before! If it’s been around that long, then you know it’s the real deal. During those dry cold months it is the only cleanser I use, in fact, during that time of year I actually far prefer this to micellar water.

Ponds Anti Wrinkle Cream

So what makes Pond’s such an ideal fall and winter cleanser? Well, have you ever had to wait outside in the blistering wind for an hour? Or has your face ever felt tight, dry, and cold because of the weather? Using a scrub or rubbing your face repeatedly to remove makeup when your skin is already irritated is not the best idea, and it usually leaves your skin pretty roughed up. Pond’s Cold Cream is formulated with 50% moisturizer, it’s gentle on your skin, derm-tested, and hypoallergenic. All you have to do is smooth a thin layer over your face and then wipe it off with a tissue or cotton round (you can also use a muslin cloth). Then you’re ready for your moisturizer – I’m using Pond’s Rejuveness Anti Wrinkle Cream (seen here, I’m all out of Pond’s Cold Cream and due for a new one – which is why I don’t have pics).

Ponds Cold CreamPonds Cream Directions

Don’t want to take my word for it? Well even Jordana Brewster and Karlie Kloss have gone on the record about how amazing Pond’s Cold Cream is. Infused with mineral oil – which removes makeup, and beeswax – which locks in hydration, you’ll be able to easily wipe off the stubbornest waterproof mascara.

Basically guys, this cold cream is a beauty staple that is essential for a great fall skincare routine. Plus, it’s so affordable! It’s available at mass retailers and select drugstores for $4.89 (3.5oz), $6.99 (6.1oz), $8.29 (9.5oz). And right now you can get a $1 off coupon on PONDS.com! Also, be sure to follow Pond’s on twitter and instagram at @PONDS as well as at facebook.com/PONDSUSA to stay updated on new products and discounts!


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