Best in Beauty: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

This post was sponsored by InStyle on behalf of Sally Hansen

I’ve always felt a little self-conscious about my legs, it’s not that they’re hideous but they’re not flawless (although, really, who does have perfectly flawless legs?). I’ve got a couple scars here and there – reminders of my rambunctious childhood spent racing around (and falling) with my razor scooter.

During the winter I’ll wear sheer tights, but during the warmer months – summer, spring, and early fall – it’s just too warm to wear tights and I get tempted to hide my legs primarily in jeans and maxi dresses. Thanks to Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs, I can feel a lot less inclined to hide my legs.

Summer Social InStyle Sally Hansen

At the InStyle #SummerSocial event I was pleased to meet other ladies who love the feeling and look of airbrushed legs that you get with Sally Hansen. No stranger to body makeup, Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs is refreshingly lightweight. My main concern with any kind of leg makeup or body makeup is whether or not the product will rub off with sweat and/or friction. SH’s Airbrush Legs are actually formulated to be waterproof and designed to not rub off.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Now that we can all have summer ready legs in an instant, it’s time to ditch the layers and don our favorite skirts, dresses, and yes, shorts and rompers too! Also, another great thing about Sally Hansen’s airbrush legs line is that you have the option of lotion or spray and they both come in 5 shades!

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Body Makeup

Some tips to get even more use out of Airbrush Legs: You can use it also as a tanner, and if you spent too much time out in the sun and ended up with an uneven tan this will definitely be your new best friend – it’ll even up your skin tone in a snap!

Visit the Sally Hansen website to learn more about how you can get the perfect finish with Airbrush Legs, and follow them on social media for new updates and offers!


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