Top ATE Reasons Why I Love Oloves!


Oloves 6

Reason 1: Oloves are perfect sized snacks – they come is adorable, travel friendly, liquid free packs!

Reason 2: Each pack is only 50 calories! Which is great, because then I feel less guilty about eating three (*cough* four) in one sitting.

Oloves 1

Reason 3: Comes in three omg-this-is-so-good flavors! These delicious flavors include Tasty Mediterranean, Hot Chili Mama, and Lemony Lover. I love all three of these, but I’d probably give my firstborn for the Lemony Lover olives – they’re so good! The Tasty Mediterranean a very well seasoned, and just yum! I could eat loads of these. I was actually nervous to try Hot Chili Mama because I knew it contained habanero chilies – but they were surprisingly good. I think the lemon pieces round out the chilies – so they pack more than just heat, they pack flavor.

Reason 4: Despite being prepackaged, Oloves pulls off the impossible – their olives are not a soggy mess. In fact they’re firm (without being too firm) and taste incredibly fresh – they have great bite.

Oloves 3

Oloves 4

Reason 5: Oloves also has an incredible line of dips – appropriately called Dipin’ and one Stuff’d Dolmas snack.

Oloves 2

Reason 6: The Oloves Dipin’ snacks come in adorable little containers, and in three varieties: Black Olive Tapenade, Hummus, and Pepper and Artichoke Brusschetta. They were all delicious, but what really did it for me was the Black Olive Tapenade – it’s ridiculously good, we cut up a fresh baguette and went to town with the tapenade – it was my whole families favorite.

Oloves 5

Reason 7: Their Stuff’d Stuffed Grape Vine Leaves Dolmas was so flavorful and tasty – I’ve been addicted to Trader Joe’s Dolmas for years and I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually prefer these to the Trader Joe’s ones! My only complaint is that there were only two in the package – which is great if you’re having it alongside a Greek salad – but just not enough when you’re snacking, lol!

Reason ATE: Seriously, Oloves are the best tasting snacks I’ve had in a while. They are perfect for snacking at home, on the go, waiting for the train, watching a movie, or picnicking in the park – I just love ’em!

Right now you can purchase Oloves on Amazon, and I know they’re available on some airlines, as well as internationally – though I am hoping that they begin to hit supermarkets, at least places like Whole Foods soon!

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