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I love shopping at CVS/pharmacy, as a true drugstore beauty product junkie there is one line exclusively from CVS that I really truly go out of my way to get my hands on – and it’s the Nuance line by Salma Hayek. I love how Salma truly promotes her brand – and unlike other stars who simply slap their name on a product and call it a day, Salma really seems to be passionate about the line that was inspired by her grandma and “designed to help every woman enhance the nuances that define her individual beauty”. So I recently stopped by my local CVS to look for some summer essentials from CVS’s Nuance!

Summer Essentials from CVS

cvs5Nuance Salma Hayek Renewed Radiance Brightening BB Cream with SPF 30 has been a favroite since I tried it out at a media event a few months ago. This BB Cream actually works as an excellent dupe for the more expensive Benefit You Rebel tinted moisturizer – they both have the same cool sensation when applied to your skin – which is great for the summer, except the Nuance one has a higher SPF! I found that it provides sheer but buildable coverage, and contains dermaxyl – which enhances firmness, improves moisture retention, and has been shown to help visibly reduce the number and depth of wrinkles. Also, if you get sweaty really easily like I do, you’ll love this BB Cream – it actually absorbs into your skin without any real residue, so you won’t be sweating in color.

I count this next product as one of my favorite beauty discoveries this summer, it’s the Nuance Salma Hayek Cucumber & Rosewater Dual Phase Makeup Remover. I suffer from pretty awful allergies, especially during the summer, so I’ve been in the market for a makeup remover that would give my lids a little TLC, while also removing waterproof (ahem, sweatproof) makeup. This makeup remover contains cucumber, rosewater, chamomile, lavender, mimosa, blue agave, camapu, & prickly pear extracts that actually soften and condition my skin while getting rid of all my makeup – and the great thing is that my skin feels so cleansed and really lovely afterwards.


This product hasn’t gone through rigorous testing – but in what little time I’ve had it has worked exceptionally well – and it’s the Nuance Salma Hayek Smooth & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum. The serum contains meadowfoam seed oil which hydrates, seals in moisture, prevents breakage, and controlling frizz. My hair has been toasted since I went to the beach, and this just tames all those summer time frizzies!

My last product is the Nuance Salma Hayek Intense Hydration Hair Mask with Blackcurrant. So before the summer I had attempted the ever-famous ombre look, dyeing a few inches of my hair blonde. And while it looked good for a while – the salty waves and glaring rays definitely did a number on my strands, this hair mask has definitely been an answer to my hair woes! This mask has really really restored a lot of my hairs softness and silkiness, which is awesome because my hair was looking very straw-like!

The great thing about CVS is that not only did I save %20 on all the Nuance products I purchased, but I also made a lot of headway towards my $5 extra bucks rewards that I get on spending $50 on beauty products through CVS’s extracare Beauty Club!


I love CVS’s Beauty Club because a) I spend a lot of money on beauty products, everything from makeup to haircare, to nail products and it’s nice to get some of that money back and b) when you’re a member of the Beauty Club you get 10% off beauty shopping pass after enrollment, $3 ExtraBucks rewards on your birthday, and exclusive emails with coupons, tips and new product info – and being a member is totally free! Just click here for more info about CVS’s Beauty Club and to become a member!

So those are all my favorite CVS Beauty Essentials! I hope you do get to try some of these yourself – they’re really amazing quality products at drugstore prices, and if you have any beauty essentials and products from CVS that you love let me know in the comments below!

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