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Though I’ve written pretty extensively about self-care before, I must admit I find it really hard to make time for. I think in all the roles I play, it’s easy to forget to stop and take a breather. Really easy to forget. How easy? For the past few years I’ve participated in a book reading challenge. My goal usually falls into the 40-50 range, and usually by this time in the year I’ll have read at least 12 of those books. This year? Two. I’ve read the sum total of 2 books. It’s that easy to give priority to everything and everyone else and not participate in one of my choice forms of R & R.

My ideal place to cozy up with a new book is my couch. It’s there that I do one of my favorite forms of adventuring. I visit new places, peek in at new lives, and flip through different and exciting worlds. As funny as it sounds, the couch is like the kitchen for me – they both rank extremely high as the most important place in my apartment. It’s in the kitchen that I keep my brand new and most prized possession – my heavy duty mixer that was a graduation gift from me to myself (though, alas, haven’t had time for cooking either). It’s on the couch that I deep dive into new stories. They both are important to me, because they’re places where I feel most at home.

You probably have a favorite place in your apartment or home as well. Maybe your zen spot is your gorgeous marble bathtub? Perhaps the laundry room? Or can you only achieve maximum relaxation on your fluffiest duvet engaging with your latest binge sesh? Even if I don’t own my home, it still houses all the people and things that matter the most to me. I recently found out about renters insurance (literally, I had no idea). Renters insurance is designed to protect what matters.

Renters insurance, like the one offered by Erie Insurance, can cover a multitude. It can cover the replacement cost of all of your personal belongings – wherever you go. So when you ditch the book and finally go to the Greek island, your precious laptop is protected there too! It can also pay medical bills if someone is hurt while visiting your apartment, or if there’s damage to your apartment and you need somewhere to stay while your building gets repaired. And while your landlord may have insurance, in many cases it will not cover the loss of your personal belongings should anything happen.

My friend Cait has renters insurance, which covered her when her camera was stolen from her room while on vacation. If you’re thinking about renters insurance, it’s important that you do your due diligence. Ask friends and family members for recommendations, and go with a company that you trust. Erie Insurance wants you to relax, sink into your favorite couch (um, yes please!) and let go of the anxiety of worrying about whether or not your favorite items – whether that’s your expensive laptop, gaming system, or custom pink mixer – are protected.

Rent safer with Erie Insurance, and find out more about their types of coverage options here!


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