Keeping Up With The Winter Games

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The Winter Games are something of a tradition with my family. It all started one very cold day when we nestled in at a pizza shop and ended up watching the competition for hours. Since then snacking while watching people compete and perform incredible feats of human strength is an activity that we make sure to take time to do together.

I’m not sure if it’s the competitive nature of the games that make it so enjoyable, or the draw of seeing so many people excited to do something incredible and represent where they came from while also engaging in a spirit of international community. It’s very cool (sorry, cheesy pun there). BabbleBoxx was kind enough to send me some exciting treats to help me keep up with the winter games this year, which incidentally was exactly what this couch potato needed.

PopChip’s NEW Nutter Puffs

I cannot stop eating these. Popchips has been one of my favorite snack brands since I started this blog. So I was thrilled when I received these. Peanut butter fans everywhere will be overjoyed with this edition to their line up.

Clocking in at 5 grams of protein per serving, I easily went through a whole bag of these solo and I didn’t even feel bad about it. This is not a team sport guys. 😉 I did actually share the second bag, but I was tempted to keep them all for myself. Find out more about them, and get snacking here.

White Claw® Hard Seltzer

I actually have a serious seltzer obsession. I buy cans and cans of the stuff, keeping them stocked at home and in the office. White Claw’s line of hard seltzer is exactly what you want to wash down your Winter Game snacking – or the excessive amount of Nutter Puffs that you may or may not have gone to town on during the recaps.

Available in the flavors Black Cherry, Ruby Grapefruit, Natural Lime, and Raspberry, you can easily make an amazing mixed drink with these. Or just enjoy it straight out of the can. The flavor is clean and fresh, probably because they only use natural flavors and no artificial ingredients. I’m actually getting thirsty just writing about it, haha!

Bee & You Royal Jelly

When I was growing up my mom was a big proponent of the healing properties of honey. Sore throats and more, she was quick to pull out the honey bear. I imagine being out in cold weather all day, like many of the athletes are, leads to dry throats. I used to ice skate at an open air rink and can distinctly remember the frigid cold drying out my throat. Mom was right (of course), as honey contains antioxidants and other properties to promote energy and wellness naturally. Bee & You Royal Jelly is a little different in that it is a bee product in it’s purest form, which means it can not only boost your immune system, but it also can increase energy, endurance, and physical performance as well as enhance collagen synthesis (key for muscle building and repair).

I really enjoy smearing this on low carb crisps and topping with honey or whipped cream cheese. It’s so good, trust me. Right now use Promo Code SPC20 for 20% off Feb 1st -Feb 16th 2018!

Bee & You Raw Throat Spray

I mentioned I really needed these treats, right? Well, I very much did. I just got over a nasty cold and literally tore this throat spray open the second I got it in the mail. This spray contains propolis, which bees collect from the stems of plants. Apparently it boasts a high capacity of antioxidants due to its rich content of flavonoids and phenolic compounds. I just know that it really helped out there during the tail end of my cold, when my throat was exhausted from constantly coughing. So really, Bee & You gets a gleaming golden medal from me. Competing athletes can’t afford to get sick, and well, neither can I, lol!

PodPockets Air Pod Holder

As someone who loses practically everything (unlike our favorite athletes), I love this concept. Created by a mother-son duo, PodPockets are a fun and practical way to keep from losing your expensive Air Pods. They come in a great selection of colors and make the best gift. I’ve already bought one for my mom and dad, who have birthdays coming up.

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