Product Rave: Kiss Nail Dress!

I received the Shrug style Nail Dress

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or aren’t hanging around the beauty/tweetasphere) then you’ve probably noticed the increased attention that nails are getting. Simple french manicures and one color nails are no longer making the cut for girls everywhere (not that we don’t love the lbd of nail looks). Girls are styling their nails all sorts of ways, pandas, polka dots, flowers, you name it and somebody has done it. And while I’m not outrageously creative with my nails, I do love having them done. And if I could I would have my nails done with something a little more edgy then a french tip. However, I never can seem to get my nails done right and looking uniform (maybe it’s because I’m not a lefty and a righty). Still when stick on nail stickers came out I was hesitant to try them, I had no faith in their durability. But don’t be fooled dear readers, if you’re looking at Kiss’ Kiss Nail Dress then you’re looking at the product that will change your finger nails lives forever!

Dramatic shout-out aside, I really do love Kiss’ Nail Dress polish strips. They work amazingly well and look like you had your nails done by a professional- I’m not just saying that. My sisters, mom, and I literally gasped and squealed when we put on the strips that I had received in my influenster love voxbox. They’re really simple to apply, you just peel, stick, and shape your nails with the tiny nail file included. They last for up to ten days and come off without any nail polish remover (you just peel them off). They’re actually really sturdy, and stayed on through showers, dish washing, cooking, everything. Each package comes with 28 strips (including some for your toes) and only cost about $6.99 each.

Click here for product information, the Kiss Nail Dress website, reviews, and to follow Kiss Nails on Facebook and twitter! This is a really great product and I’m so pleased that I was selected to try it through influesters love voxbox, Kiss Nails has got themselves a customer in me (and all the girls over at my place)!


* I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes

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