Day 3 of #12DaysofChristmas Giveaways!

I stopped really making proper New Years resolutions years ago, I know that whatever commitment I make in the hazy space of a few festive days don’t really have roots in any type of actual motivation. My New Years resolution to lose a few inches never takes into account the excess of treats leftover from holiday debauchery, and my resolution to save a few pennies never accounts for the amazing sales that occur after people have spent all their money and stores are just aching to rid themselves of extra stock.

I think proper resolutions require a more longitudinal examination of oneself – which is why I’ve been filling out a years long journal – it’s a journal that asks you the same questions every day over the course of a few years. I could tell you that it’s useful for tracking changes and making changes where needed, but right now – for me at least – it’s just really fun and cool to see the different responses I’ve given to the same questions at different points in my life.
Building-the-Best-You-Journal Now here comes the fun part, I’m giving away a two year long discovery journal called Building the Best You by Caroline Harper – I picked it up from B&N (Barnes & Noble) and thought since I’m doing one, and I like it, and really in the spirit of the season, it would be great to give one away to one of you! This discovery journal asks you six key questions everyday that are designed to nurture your strengths, not your negativity as well as nurture human virtues.

Enter below! Ends December 14th!

Two-Year Discover Journal Giveaway!

*All giveaway entries will be verified in order to ensure equal opportunity and fairness for all entrants. Open to US only, 18+.


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