Procrastination Station- Part 1

I’ve got loads to do- as usual. Papers to write, food to cook, things to organize, you name it and it’s on my to-do list. However, I have a problem with procrastination (as usual), and with the internet being chock-full of things that are seemingly designed to entertainingly waste time I thought I’d  share some of my most recent distractions with you:

1) Watching a Funny Trailer:

The Madagascar 3 trailer- of course this trailer is hysterical, I mean all the former Madagascar movies were funny so this one is expected to be equally as entertaining. However, when I first saw this trailer I was shocked (and amused) at what I thought I heard Marty the Zebra say towards the end of the trailer – what kind of circus did he say it was? Obviously my audio might’ve been a little fuzzy, still I know a few people who initially heard the same thing I did *wink*


2) Watching Bloopers:

This blooper is hysterical, I’m serious I could watch this a zillion times (and I have) and still laugh. I’m so bad when it comes to this video, that my best friend rolls her eyes every time I repeat Juan Pablo’s line. But if this blooper doesn’t do it for you, there are loads of them all over YouTube to entertain yourself with.


3) Watching Idiots:

I have never in my many years seen such hilarity. I mean watching these people willingly make fools out of themselves was so funny, it was disturbing. I first saw clips from “Wipe-Out” on YouTube, but was surprised to find out that it was a pretty popular show with spinoffs in other countries. Which makes perfect sense, because, well, who doesn’t like to have a chuckle at other peoples expense? *WARNING: mild violence*


4) Reading HelloGiggles:

I love this site, and you will too! With articles like “Would Our Favorite TV ad Movie Couples Still Be Together Today?” it’s no wonder I can,and have, spent hours reading the posts on HelloGiggles 🙂

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