Wendy Williams & Tavern 29 Event Recap!

A couple weeks ago I was invited by The Moms to join them for a light brunch at Tavern 29 with well known talk show host and celebrity Wendy Williams. There really is nothing like being on a rooftop in Manhattan, and Tavern 29’s rooftop space rates as one of my favorites!


Bloggers and other media personalities gathered to talk shop with Wendy about her newly released book – Ask Wendy, Straight Up Advice for All the Drama in Your Life. Wendy was more than gracious and of course, completely candid!


Before she took a few Q & A’s, Wendy doled out experienced based advice about cheating husbands and backstabbing girlfriends. Speaking from her own experience, Wendy’s advice came across as heartfelt and full of good intentions – providing a mature and serious, as well as honest outlook to life’s everyday drama. Of course, chatting with Wendy also meant lots of laughs!


Afterwards Wendy had a book signing, stopping to talk with some guests with personal questions of their own, and taking pictures.


I had a blast, the food was awesome! And I definitely plan on returning to Tavern 29 – I’d love to have a look around the lower levels and see what other yummy options they have to offer!¬†With a perfect breeze and exposed brick walls, Tavern 29 would make an ideal event space, I’m even seriously considering doing my parents anniversary party or an upcoming graduation party there.

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