Ultra Glam Harpers Love Makes Creating Custom Jewelry a Breeze!

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Everybody in my family is super creative – most of my siblings are artists, and I’m a writer. With Harpers Love, even people not predisposed to creativity can create gorgeous custom jewelry! Right now Harpers Love offers you the ability to create your own customized earrings and pendants – but have rings and bracelets in the works. Here’s a look at some styles on their site:




I decided to design my own piece on the site using their Design Builder – you can choose your Stone Number, Shape, Cut, Color, Metal, and Backing. The price of your final product depends on the customization’s that you make.

design builderHere’s my customization!

my design

Pretty nice, huh? I chose three different stones, with my first stone being a round 17mm blue topaz stone, the second being a 15mm pear shape sky blue topaz stone, and the third as 12mm pear shape sapphire pink topaz- all of them having a faceted cut, just because I think that cut makes the stone look more bright. I chose 14k yellow gold as my metal, Euro Wire backing, and the Dangle style (as opposed to having the stones stationed one on top of the other without linking). So apparently my ideal customized, created-by-me, set of earrings would cost around $725! Not bad – seeing as how it’s not costume jewelry.

Created by mom-prenuer Michelle Mullman, I love that Harpers Love products are manufactured in NYC and NJ – so close to me! I think anything from Harpers Love would make an excellent graduation, birthday, or anniversary gift! What’s more personal than a customized piece of jewelry for the girl you love – created by you!

Check out Harpers Love by clicking here!


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