The NYC Terrarium!

I’ve been obsessed with terrariums recently. I feel like they add something living and pretty to a room – I’d even call it a little whimsical too, after all, any green thing that goes on living despite the worst of green thumbs seems a little magical to me.


I picked up my terrarium for about $13 at Whole Foods. I did do some shopping on Etsy and even looked up local places in NYC that sold terrariums or terrarium supplies. I could’ve gone the way of Martha Stewart and DIY’ed myself one, however, I only had to imagine the mess and spare terrarium supplies lying about my home before I decided I’d just find a pre-made one. The one’s at local boutiques sounded far too expensive for a tchotchke, and I didn’t want to spend more then $20 on a small terrarium (the one’s on etsy are $20 plus shipping costs, and you have to assemble them yourself), I was feeling pretty exasperated with my search when Whole Foods caught onto the trend and had a bunch of them made to be sold as-is in their floral department.


While terrariums seem more like a hipster trend then anything else (I’d say terrariums are to hipsters what magic loom bands are to my little sister) I think it’s adds a little something something to my home office. It really is nice to have a living thing brightening up your bookshelf without shedding dead leaves or needing daily watering.

If you’re more of the craft type, I’ve linked a few great DIY Terrarium posts that I’ve found on the internet. If you’re not as crafty (lol!), then I’ve also linked to some great etsy listings for terrariums.

Do you have a terrarium? Do you want one? Let me know your terrarium tale in the comments below!

DIY your Terrarium: Here’s a link to a great tutorial by the folks at Saved by Love Creations, and feel free to browse about once your done learning how to make your chic Martha Stewart perfect, but dollar store easy, terrarium – because the site is addicting.

B-U-Y your Terrarium: Succulent Designs on Etsy has a listing for $19.99 terrariums that also include a really neat stand – if I hadn’t found mine from Whole Foods, I would have bought mine here, I love the stand and if I get another one, I’d buy it here. This next one is from groundlings on etsy, and is most like the one I have right now – it runs at $19, not including shipping, and I want to own it as well, lol!


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