Stylish Steal: D’Orsay Flats

Looking for an easy style that will happily transfer from summer to fall? Then you’ll want to check out these d’orsay flats! D’orsay is a shoe style that basically features the vamp cut away on the sides, showing the arch and the side of the foot. Gorgeous and on trend, I received the Rocket Dog version of these flats as a gift, and I spotted the Sole Society version while shopping for another set of flats. Noticing the price difference – hence “Stylish Steal”, I thought I would share them with you!


The Sole Society Kristi d’orsay flat comes in Silver Sconce, Black, and Adobe and is currently available from sizes 4 to 12 with a few half sizes in between. They’re made of faux leather with a short zipper on the pointed toe, and feature a section of elastic at the heel which keeps your foot from slipping out while walking. These retail at a cool $59.95, and you can pick them up here!

The Rocket Dog Cyprus Two Piece Flats from Macy’s are currently only available in one color, and only have sizes 6-11 available with a few sizes missing in between. It’s made of a sturdy, yet comfortable canvas material and also features the bit of elastic in the heel. The point of the toe has a sheath of foe leather which takes the shoe from being casual to looking quite classy. These are on sale at for an easy $24.98, and you can pick them up here – but act fast!

The better buy is pretty obvious, however they’re both gorgeous flats and I certainly appreciate the sizing and color variety afforded by Sole Society! Either way, these are definitely trendy, comfortable, versatile, stylish (plus, that pointed toe is super slimming) – a certain wardrobe staple!

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