Stay Organized this Year with the Beautiful Calendar Browser Extension

In order to become more productive I’ve been attempting to employ a plethora of organizing techniques. Everything from decluttering my work space to shredding loads of old documents, and donating clothes that I bought but never used. So far, so good. But the most useful technique for me has been keeping a consistent calendar. I love my planner, between work commitments, tutoring, and other demands on my time, I use the calendar to stay on track with my goals and remind me what I need to complete. Unfortunately it’s quite bulky and very heavy, I just simply cannot take it with me everywhere. Then someone introduced me to Beautiful Calendar, a chrome extension that allows you to sync your Google Calendar and Facebook events – score!

Get Organized with Beautiful Calendar

Beautiful Calendar is extremely user-friendly. Whenever I open up Chrome, its right there – a reminder of what I need to get done. I love that you can sync it to Google Calendar, since I already schedule myself on there.

Calendar 2Beautiful Calendar

Basically, you install the extension and then sync up your account. The great thing is that there are various themes that you can use, depending on your tastes. The really cool thing is that the theme stays consistent but the subject within that theme changes as the seasons change. Like when I was using the fashion theme back in December it had this really pretty holiday watercolor look.

My favorite theme has been the fashion one, but they have quite a few lovely ones to choose from. The group behind BC hails from Tel Aviv and have over two decades and already have a portfolio of successful apps and browser extensions – so it’s not really surprising that this extensions works so seamlessly and so well. Also, BC contacted artists and designers as a source of inspiration behind their gorgeous themes – which, as someone who has an artist in her family, I think is pretty cool of them!

I love it this personal calendar, and I think you will too! Check them out and add them to your browser here!


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