Squelch: How Girls on the Go Stop the Stink

Do you remember that movie “Holes”? You know that Disney film starring Sigourney Weaver and her henchman, John Voight, who conspire in terrorizing a young Shia LeBeouf as he does his time at a juvenile detention camp. Well, just to recap, the movie ends with Shia’s dad successfully inventing his magical odor remover called Sploosh. News flash – someone has actually came up with the real thing!!! Squelch is a completely natural, scentless, odor remover. It comes in a handy, portable spray tube that is perfect for popping into your purse or gym bag!

Squelch The Smell Remover

I’m not going to lie, I kind of geeked out a bit when I got my hands on Squelch. Do you know how incredibly useful this is?! I can use it for stinky gym clothes, shoes, freshening up my hair or my furniture. Squelch has definitely become a purse-staple for me, right along with my mints and emergency MetroCard.

Squelch SprayHow to Open Squelch

After having owned Squelch long enough to give it a thorough try, I have to say my favorite use for it is on my jacket or coat after the rain. I don’t know about you guys, but sticking my wet jacket or coat in a locker or checking it in at a restaurant to be stuffed in a closet usually leaves my coat with a weird dank smell that is just atrocious. It’s happened to real (handed down) and faux fur, and while I can’t figure out why it happens, I have definitely found the product that rids my clothes of it successfully. With just a couple light spritzes, Squelch handles the smell without leaving any residue at all, you really can’t beat that.

How to Remove Smells in ClothesSmell Remover Squelch

You can find out more about Squelch and wear you can pick up a bottle (or two) here.


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