Rich Girl/Poor Girl: Summer Scents

I love perfume, but unfortunately my life has been a mixed bag of scented experiences. Born into a cloud of over-excited heady perfume using relatives, I grew up leaning towards more subtle, fresh, and sweet scents. Having experienced breathing in one to many mouthfuls of some of my relatives alcohol heavy cologne (which I’m sure may have caused some sort of brain damage), I was dissuaded from purchasing anything outside of light juvenile sprays. Luckily, during my high school years I attended school near a Sephora and was soon sampling all sorts of perfumes with a range of notes and scents – and I soon learned to appreciate the musky, floral, spicy scents that I once despised.

Feeling a little more up to snuff than my younger self in the scents department, here are the high end and low end options of my favorite summer scents!

The Garden Collection by Gucci

I’m a sucker for great lines of perfume, in fact one of my favorites happen to be the extensive DKNY Be Delicious series. But my favorite summer scents come from The Garden Collection by Gucci.

The first of this collection, Gorgeous Gardenia is a sensual perfume. There’s something warm and familiar about it’s scent, while also being light and floral- it’s quite an elegant smell. Gardenia, red berries, and pears gives this perfume its memorable scent.

The second, Gracious Tuberose has a sharper smell. Top notes of violet leaf, a heart of tuberose, and base notes of cistus and white cedarwood give this perfume a headier scent than the Gardenia. It’s the more mature scent of the collection.

The last scent of this collection, and my favorite of them all, is Glamorous Magnolia. This scent starts off smelling really fresh and light, but ends with a nice sweet sandalwood musk that I really just love. Citrus notes, with a lingering base of sandalwood and musk, leave this perfume and all the other ones from The Garden Collection by Gucci priced at $70 for a 1.7oz bottle.

Tahitian Orchid by Calgon, The Take Me Away! Collection…

I really really love the perfume version of this favorite Calgon scent. It has a sweet but fresh floral scent that really makes you feel bright and pretty. However, it can be pretty hard to find. Your best bet would be to go to your local KMart, Walmart, or other large department store and see if they have it in stock. If not, the body spray and lotion set is equally good – and will give the scent more staying power if you use it together- and it’s super easy to find at department stores and online. AVR $11 for a 1.5 fl oz bottle, or $15 for the body care set.

On either side of the price spectrum, any and all of these scents are a wonderful addition to any gals beauty and body care repertoire!

What are your favorite scents to wear? Do you strictly stick to one scent, or do you like to experiment? Let me know in the comments section below!


  1. alisa
    August 8, 2012 / 10:19 pm

    oh these sound good, i like to stick to scents i like, but when i’m in the mood to try something new i like to experiment with different scents and test them out! i don’t think i have found a signature scent so to speak for myself yet!

  2. jenna tomaszewski
    September 5, 2012 / 11:07 pm

    I have a whole drawer with perfumes, I have tons! I like to wear different ones based on how I
    am feeling that day.

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