One in a Million! Duane Reade Hit’s A Million Follower Milestone!


I’ve been going to Duane Reade since I was a little girl. I still remember my mom taking my sister and I into Duane Reade to buy snacks like chips, juice, and gum. Then in high school, I used to stop into Duane Reade with my best friend literally every single day to buy drinks. Now that I’m older I head into Duane Reade to buy things like Align Probiotic, face masks, and healthier snacks. As a New York City girl, I can tell you that Duane Reade is the go-to store for almost all New Yorkers (and visitors as well!). How do I know? Well Duane Reade just hit a milestone of 1 MILLION twitter followers!!! You don’t have to stand outside a Duane Reade and count foot traffic to see how popular they are, I mean their number of followers proves how much people love them!

I have loved blogging about Duane Reade for the past year – thanks to Duane Reade I have found some of my favorite products, snacks, and drinks and have been able to share them with you!

I’ve also become more familiar with the Duane Reade Happy Healthy mag, and can easily figure out what sales I want to be taking advantage of!

HappyHealthy1 #DR1MM #Shop

I love how committed to New Yorkers – and customers in general – Duane Reade is! I love how they were giving out free tickets to this year’s All Star Week. Look how warm and fun their street team was! Meanwhile, if I wasn’t there checking out their awesome giveaway, I wouldn’t have met New York Yankee David Robertson!

Duane Reade is so on the money in terms of products and connecting with their community on and offline that it is no surprise that they have reached now over 1 Million twitter followers! To celebrate, I headed to my local Duane Read (of course) and picked up some really glam candles and bought a cupcake nearby and celebrated in my own delicious way!

#DR1MM #ShopCelebratory Candles #DR1MM #Shop#DR1MM #Shop

Want to join in on the celebration too? You don’t have to live in NYC to love to party, and on September 17th Duane Reade will be hosting a massive celebratory twitter party! I’ll be there, will you?! During the party Duane Reade will be sharing the love by giving away $500 in Visa Gift Cards! How awesome is that?! To RSVP click here!

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