New in Beauty: Proganix Quench Review

It feels like ages since I’ve posted! My excuse is that I’ve been crazy busy at school – it’s so bizarre when you get towards those last few semesters and you realize that before you know it you’ll be done! Anyways, while I’ve been chin deep in projects and work I’ve also been knee deep in some pretty amazing new products. Until recently I never actually tried Proganix, I’ve seen them before but I never actually picked it up. Then the lovely Proganix people kindly sent me their new Quench line to try out and now I am hooked!

New in Beauty: Proganix Quench Review |

I have to come clean here (get it? Clean – as in shampoo? Heh, heh, never mind…) I was partially won over before these products touched my hair thanks to the scent. I love how the line smells, like really really love it. It smells like citrusy cool coconut without smelling oversweet and childish (childish as in the scents you wore while in middle school that tended to lean on the sweet notes too much). This smells great but clean – just trust me on this one. And the scent stays with your hair, much like Pantene does, and because it smells so good prepare for compliments #perks!

New in Beauty: Proganix Quench Review |

The shampoo is pretty ideal, where it straddles the line of being a great cleanser while also not completely stripping your hair. The conditioner doles out a heavy dose of moisture but is still a very light non-sticky sort of formula.

The line also features a moisture balm and a leave in treatment. They’re both amazing products and they’re also almost interchangeable except for slight differences. The Moisture Balm is more of a thick cream, which is great for taming frizz on the fly or applying to towel dry hair before heading to bed, I also use a little of it before ironing my hair. The Leave In Treatment is great if you want to tame your hair and wear out your waves. I use it when I don’t want to heat treat my hair and I don’t want to weigh it down with heavy products either. I’ve found that the longer I use the Leave In Treatment, the softer my hair naturally feels.

New in Beauty: Proganix Quench Review |

The entire line is powered with coconut oil, electrolytes, and coconut water – so coconut oil junkies will love this! The range runs in the mid-price range and is available at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Ulta, and Target. Find out more about the collection and other Proganix products here.


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