A Morning at Chelsea Market…

I’ve been going to Chelsea Market for ages, and by “ages” I mean since I was in high school. Home to Food Network production studios and a handful of other media companies, you’d be surprised I’ve never actually seen a Food Network personality in all the times I’ve been to Chelsea Market. I’ve seen them elsewhere around the city, but never in Chelsea Market. Anyways, I recently spent an early morning there with my sister and I was pleased to find Chelsea Market as open and familiar as always.

Our first stop was Eleni’s, which is my most recent obsession. I always thought that they were kind of overpriced, but now I’m pretty quick to plunk down $4 for my ideal “with tea” cookie – plus, they’re always wonderfully decorated!

Chelsea Market, Eleni's Cookies

Next stop was Amy’s. Oh how I love Amy’s – and probably always will. Amy’s can do no wrong in my book, and if they do I usually chalk it up to the rule of probability. I forgot what I ordered, but I’m sure it was delicious.


An arch of lights! Very pretty and whimsical – well done Chelsea Market!

Chelsea Market, Lights, Arch of Lights

Next! Chelsea Market Baskets Emporium where we took a dozen blurry pictures of fancy hot cocoa, bought the worst tasting champagne truffle ever (at least it was cheap), and took pictures of random objects like proper tourists would. Good times, good times.

Chelsea Market, Baskets, NYC

We also swung by that Italian goods place where I couldn’t tell if everything was really rare and limited supply and therefore special or if they were just old products and we were being duped into thinking that we were in the mothership of imported Italian stuff. Either way, I’d love to go back. I can never resist the allure of anything Italian. Welllll, that’s not true but this isn’t a post about politics.


I finally, finally, got around to stopping by Liddabit Sweet’s. Yup, that’s right, four years late and a dollar short – that’s me! They are as good and friendly as the zillion articles and posts about them suggest, my sister is dying to try every bar they can come up with and I’ll be happy to join her.


We finally ended our morning when Fat Witch opened their just cleaned doors to the public at 9am. We know that their doors were just cleaned because we faceplanted on the other side while waiting for them to open the doors to brownie goodness. We were not disappointed and the lady behind the counter wasn’t either – we really were just as crazy about her brownies as we looked.

Fat Witch Brownies, Chelsea Market, NYC

P.S. Just kidding about all that faceplanting stuff, we usually act like George in the soup nazi’s shop when ordering. All respect, not a dwindling hair out of place. What? Whaddya mean NO BREAD?!


  1. March 24, 2014 / 6:37 pm

    I just LOVE Chelsea Market! You visited all my faves! Fat Wtich are the BEST brownies, like fudge, I say. I really like the variety of places too so everyone can find something. Is the gelato place still there? They had amazing gelato, I think better than ice cream. Thanx for a peek since I haven’t been in a little while!! Now craving those brownies!!

    • The NYC Talon
      March 29, 2014 / 1:20 pm

      I love it too! Yeah, Fat Witch is fantastic, they used to sell at a Food Emporium near me but not anymore so I have to go straight to the source when I want them. I’m fairly certain the gelato place is still there – I’ll probably visit when the weather gets warmer! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!!!

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