NYC Talon’s TV (movies): Lost in Austen

Like any true romantic, I am a huge Jane Austen fan. I’ve loved Pride and Prejudice since I first read it, and have gleefully watched every film version made for it since. However, I’m not a snob, and in no way a Jane Austen purist. And while I don’t go searching for every Darcy and Elizabeth spinoff, I did manage to stumble across a riff on the romance classic- and I loved it!

Hear that sound, George? Duh-uh-uh-uh! That’s Jane Austen spinning in her grave like a cat in a tumble-dryer.

-Amanda Price, Lost in Austen

Lost in Austen was made in 2008 as a four part British television program (the British, I know, they’ve got it all). Loosely following Austen’s storyline, we meet Amanda Price a British girl whose love for Austen and Pride & Prejudice’s characters, and time period, leave her feeling dissatisfied with her own life. She ends up transported into the book, through a porthole in her bathroom. Left behind by Elizabeth Bennet, who remains in the 21st century, Amanda struggles with not only living in the times of Austen, but she also struggles in her attempt to keep the story on track. Without the main character, Elizabeth, will Pride & Prejudice end the way Austen intended?


I loved this made for TV movie! Granted the very premise of being transported back into an amazing story is utterly cliche and totally cheesy- but Lost in Austen pulls it off with all the results of a fun chick-flick. Amanda is hysterical, and all the shenanigans she gets into left me and my sister rolling around with laughter. Totally good-natured fun, Lost in Austen, was an unpredictably enjoyable afternoon for my sister and I- and if you’re looking for an amazing TV movie (or anything good to watch), this is it. Catch it on youtube or buy it on amazon– either way this one is a keeper!

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