Lightening Up at SoHo’s Cutler Salon #RedkenBlonde

Confession time – for the past three months I’ve been hating the state of my hair. I haven’t felt so frustrated with how my hair was looking in ages – it was dry, frizzy, and just generally in a state of chaos. I attempted a series of at-home coloring in the hopes of attaining something like a light blonde – instead I was left with some pretty bad brassy color. So when I was invited to go to Cutler Salon in Soho in partnership with Redken’s new line of Blonde Idol products, I didn’t just jump at the opportunity, I flew at it!

Cutler SoHoCutler Salon SoHo

Before going to Cutler I spent a few hours browsing through Pinterest for my ideal blonde. Ultimately, I decided on a wide application of really light (almost platinum) balayage. Once there, stylist Chiala Marvici took a look at my battered tresses, discussed coloring options with me, set me at ease about hair damage and went to work. She informed me that for such a light color, it’s best to go about the color change gradually – it takes a couple of visits to reach that sort of drastic lightening. Chiala separated my hair into sections before applying the bleach at different lengths. After washing out the bleach she also applied a toner – since my hair tends to stubbornly hold on to old color and can look pretty brassy.

Color Processing

The entire process was so relaxing – it was actually a little bizarre for me because I had mentally prepared myself for a trying experience. I was super afraid of my hair breaking, overwhelming smells, and uncomfortable chairs but my experience ended up being the exact opposite – my hair turned out insanely amazing (more on that in a minute), there were no chemical or heady scents, and Cutler salon and their team were so nice! Now for the big reveal – here are my before and after shots:

Before Hair Picture

I should tell you, my hair is actually much lighter in the ‘after’ shot than it appears on camera. I love my hair so much now!

After Hair Photo

I guess the most jarring part of this experience is how much more confident I found myself feeling after my color service. It’s been so long since I really felt like I absolutely loved my hair. Initially, I thought a drastic change would be necessary for me to feel happy with it – but I found that the all over balayage and toning of my existing color that Chiala did was perfect. I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity! Thanks so much Chiala!

redken cutler soho

I’m currently using the Redken Blonde Idol collection to maintain my color. The collection features a new Kera-Bright System that balances, brightens, and beautifies to keep brassiness away and blondes at play! I should mention that following my Redken salon visit – and subsequently newer, lighter, prettier locks – I had a series of meetings as well a conference and I seriously felt infinitely more confident than I did prior to the change! And to top it off, I’ve also received a ton of compliments.

Redken Blonde Idol Collection

Now here’s the details on the Redken Blonde Idol line: the line was designed with every blonde in mind – meaning warm toned blondes to platinum and ash shades. The line features Blonde Idol Sulfate-Free Shampoo, and a Blonde Idol Custom Tone Conditioner Violet for Warm Blondes as well as Blonde Idol Custom Tone Conditioner Gold for Warm Blondes – these are dual chambered conditioners that distribute conditioner and a color-depositing formula as needed over time. The line also features a Blonde Idol BBB Spray, and a Blonde Idol Mask.

Watch a video here for more info on how to use Redken’s Blonde Idol Custom Tone Conditioner for Blonde Hair. And click here to find shop for Blonde Idol in NYC, and here to shop for it in LA!

Are you blonde or have you ever gone blonde? Do you plan on coloring your hair soon? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

*This post was sponsored by Redken & Conde Nast but opinions are my own.*


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