Just GoGirl Tackles Athletic Leaks


Believe it or not, according to Just GoGirl, more than 25 million women experience urinary leakage during their workouts. Urinary leakage, or athletic leaks, is when women experience leakage during exercise or other physical activities. For whatever reason the topic of athletic leaks has gone mostly unnoticed, that is, until recently. Not too long ago I had a chance to join Brooke Solis, founder & CEO of JustGoGirl, as well as other female influencers to have a discussion about athletic incontinence and how Just GoGirl pads is providing coverage against leaks.

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Brooke, having had five kids of her own, discussed her experience when she became aware that she was having athletic leaks. To combat the leaks she started using standard sanitary napkins but found that they were uncomfortable on a number of levels. I have to say, I love how honest and frank Brooke was, she was not afraid to say that yes, the bulge of wearing a pad while also donning tight workout clothing was embarrassing and made her feel self-conscious. And she’s not the only one. A lot of women felt the same way.


That’s how she came up with the idea of Just GoGirl. Just GoPad’s are unlike standard pads (or sanitary napkins). Typical pads are not designed to absorb urine, but Just GoGirl pads are. In fact, Just GoGirl pads are even shaped differently for just this purpose. While maintaining incredible absorbency, the JustGo pad is has a raindrop shape in order to be as comfortable and as low-profile as possible for the wearer.

What’s great is that Brooke, beyond creating a product designed to provide coverage, is opening up this line of communication surrounding athletic leaks. She’s patient beyond the initial (and inevitable) awkwardness that surrounds feminine hygiene, and is excited when she hears back from friends, family, and customers when they report just how thrilled they are about Just GoGirl.

You can learn more about Just GoGirl and Brooke Solis here, the pads can be purchased in packs of 10 ($8) or as a membership.

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