It’s time to #ComeCleanNY!

I haven’t spring cleaned my shoe closet since last spring. Possibly even the spring before that. But that’s not all I have to come clean about. I can and have spent more on beauty products in one month than I do in household cleaning products for the whole year. And there’s more – I happen to own dozens of gorgeous plates, cups, and serving wear that I’ve carefully collected over the years, but do I use them? Nope. Just to avoid having to wash any of these gorgeous dishes we choose to eat off of disposable plates, cups, and even flatware. It’s just the reality of city life I guess. Or just life everywhere.

Fantastik Scrubbing Bubbles #ComeCleanNY | read more at*yes, yes, I know I misspelled Kips Bay.

Despite my bundle of dirty little secrets there has been one that’s been bugging me all summer. Back in May I bought a new bookcase to show off all my handy little tchotchkes – things that are special to me. Like my candle collection, Galileo thermometer, a pinecone from last summer’s vacation, a book on the Louvre, the glass cross from my quinceanera (a.k.a. sweet 15), my brothers mock trial award, and most recently a fall themed painting that was a gift from my sister – just to name a few. Instead, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s become a dumping ground for a bunch of stuff that belongs elsewhere. It’s turned into a dusty mess, and not at all like I envisioned it. I’ve even taken to throwing a sheet over it to hide it when I have someone over. As if no one would notice a giant object draped in a sheet. So last weekend I’ve finally decided to tackle it.

Fantastik Scrubbing Bubbles #ComeCleanNY | read more at nyctalon.comFantastik Scrubbing Bubbles #ComeCleanNY | read more at

Armed with gloves, paper towels, and Fantastik Scrubbing Bubbles I was ready for anything. Actually, to be perfectly honest, I think I was a little over prepared. My mom always taught me that the secret to thorough cleaning was a little elbow grease, but the Fantastik worked so well that I barely needed any effort at all. Seriously, look at that before and after – that took less than 15 minutes! Yep, you heard right 15 minutes. I still can’t believe that I’ve let that eyesore fester all summer. Also, I’m really picky when it comes to scents and the Fantastik Scrubbing Bubbles not only cleans 99.9%* of bacteria, but it also has this amazing fresh almost citrus (but not quite) scent – it just smells clean and lovely.

Fantastik Scrubbing Bubbles #ComeCleanNY | read more at nyctalon.comFantastik Scrubbing Bubbles #ComeCleanNY | read more at

Look, that surface is clean enough to eat off of – not that you would, but you totally could if you wanted to! So, do you have any dirty little secrets? Do you leave the clothes in the dryer until you’re ready to wear it? Do you eat off of paper plates so you don’t have to wash the dishes? Do you ride the train or bus with your eyes closed, pretending to be asleep just to avoid the crazies? Fantastik and I want to know, jump on the hashtag #ComeCleanNY and share your secrets (or commiserate with me on mine)!

This post was sponsored by Fantastik Scrubbing Bubbles, however all opinions presented here are my own.

*When used as directed, kills Staphylococcus aureus (Staph), Enterobacter aerogenes (Enterobacter), Escherichia coli (E. coli), Salmonella choleraesuis (Salmonella), Listeria monocytogenes (Listeria), Streptococcus pyogenes (Strep).


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