How I’ve Been Saving Money With Groupon Coupons

Everyone loves to save money, I don’t care if you swan around in Louboutin’s or jog around in ked’s, saving that extra penny means you get to spend another penny. My mom has always been a great proponent of a penny saved is a penny earned, and so naturally I was brought up on knowing how to snag a great discount, keep an eye open for a sale, and of course make use of a smart coupon. I’ve been using Groupon since I was in high school, back when they were relatively new, so it’s safe to say that I’m a fan. But in case you don’t know, the site known for amazing local deals and the source for great online shopping (I bought my chromebook from them ages ago) is also a great place to score coupons for all the other places we love to shop! Here’s what I’ve been saving on recently:


Fandango Groupon Coupon

I’m so excited, so many great movies are coming out – I feel like spring and summer are massive movie-watching seasons. I just bought my tickets to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, and if you’re also headed to the theater you can score $3 off your tickets by going using Groupon Coupons Fandango coupon!


Shoe Shopping with Groupon Coupons

I love the feeling of new shoes, don’t you? And a new season is a new reason to pick up a new pair of shoes. I’m in love with this slingback number from Calvin Klein, as well as those flats from American Eagle. Groupon offer a ton of coupons for my favorite retailers, so my shoe shopping doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket, here are a handful of them below:

– Payless
– TJMaxx
– Charlotte Russe
– Urban Outfitters
– Macy’s
– Saks Fifth Avenue
– American Eagle Outfitters


Groupon Coupons

Food is my love language. And I love that Groupon features online coupons for my personal favorite, Caviar! Caviar is an amazing food delivery service, if you haven’t tried it out yet I definitely recommend that you do – but be sure to stop by Groupon Coupons before so that way you get the most bang for your buck.

If you’re looking for ways to save money, from local vouchers to online coupons, Groupon is the way to go! What are your favorite coupons found on Groupon?

*This post has been sponsored by Groupon. All opinions presented here are my own.*


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