Here we go…

I figure, since this is the first post on my brand spankin’ new blog I should “introduce” myself. My name is Krista (yes, I am witholding my last name). I live in the best city ever- New York City. I love things like sweets, old movies, fluffy sweaters, Friday night Chinese take-out, and pretending to be a tourist at home. I am a student, a writer, a photographer, a blogger, and a once-upon-a-time journalist. I go to Church every Sunday and try¬†to get away with sleeping in every Monday. I dream of traveling abroad, but¬†nowadays my wanderings consist of the five boroughs- which is alright with me.

On this blog I’ll probably be featuring tons of things including awesome sites and other blogs, cool finds, my borough travels, pictures, quotes, stories, and occasional nuggets of wisdom.

This blog, for me, is an adventure. I hope people will read it and like it- but I’m doing this with zero expectations- a complete creative canvas.


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