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This past year has been an interesting journey for me. In the past ten months I’ve found a fitness activity that I really actually like. I remember reading a zillion health and fitness magazines, and there were so many features on people who had met their fitness and weight goals and they would always say something like “find a workout you love, and it’ll be easier”. I never really bought it until I found mine. The trick is staying motivated and inspired – and the right gear can definitely help you get there.

BabbleBox Gold

With so many athletes setting amazing new athletic records this summer, it’s not hard to find inspiration! Even though I’m not a gymnast, the ladies on the USA team have been amazing these games – I’ve been following their performances like a true patriot, and I’d like to think my new gear reflects that. I recently scored some ridiculously amazing high performance compression workout tights by 2XU in my BabbleBoxx. I’m kind of obsessed with the red, white, and blue “X” going on the legs, but these tights are more than pretty. They also feature graduated compression, engineered to promote maximum blood flow – which means a faster pre-exercise muscle warm up, reduced muscle soreness, and reduced fatigue through less muscle oscillation. Plus, right now the code 2XU20 will score you 20% off!

Best Workout Gear

To add to my red, white, and blue collection, the Baby-G Tri-Color Watch – from Casio’s female timepiece brand – was created as a counterpart to the 1994 G-SHOCK. It’s pretty darn amazing, I got so many compliments on it at my last spin class. It’s shock and water resistant, and has multiple daily alarms and stopwatch functions.

Baby G Casio WatchBaby G WatchBaby G Shock Watch

You guys already know I’m obsessed with The Vitamin Shoppe, last time I was in there I was wearing my Vitamin Shoppe shirt and was mistaken for an employee. Despite my fandom knowing no bounds, I actually had no idea about TRUE ATHLETE until recently. TRUE ATHLETE by the Vitamin Shop is basically the new name in sports nutrition supplements. It was created for fitness enthusiasts, formulated with care by The Vitamin Shoppe, it is free of banned supplements, as well as artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

True Athlete Training Formula

I tried the TRUE ATHLETE® ZMA with Theanine, Energized Training Formula in Fruit Punch, as well as the Natural Whey Protein Packets. I am obsessed with the whey protein packets – I have this handy blender bottle now, and throwing a decent protein drink together is a seamless experience. Which is always good, I’ll take simple in any area of my life – when I can.

Purpletale Steps to Lovely Skin

I am not one of those pretty workout people. I do not emerge from 45 minutes of spin looking like someone who has that mythical “post-workout glow”. I look like someone who was almost suffocated. To get any kind of glow I have to drink inordinate amounts of water and pamper my rebellious skin. But it’s worth the effort, Purpletale shares my outlook that when you look good on the outside, it helps you feel good on the inside. Purpletales 5 step all in one facial kit starts with a foam cleanser, followed by an ampoule, then an invigorating bio-cellulous sheet mask, step four is a facial cream, and finally neck cream. My skin feels horrible after a workout, I think it has to do with all the salty sweat and heat. I used this an my skin felt really light and clean, soft and hydrated – taking care of oneself sure has its benefits. I also love that these are TSA approved – so grab it on the go, one of these kits would be awesome on those long 8-hour flights.

Just Water

You’ve probably seen JUST Water’s water bottles around before. It’s 100% spring water, and that iconic paper water bottle is made of 83% renewable resources, which is done by using paper and plant-based plastic from sugarcane, resulting in a 74% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to a range of traditional plastic bottles. This is not your standard bottle of water. This is bottle water worthy of gold medal toting athletes. Or even folks like me – people taking simple steps, with the help of great products, to achieve some pretty inspirational goals.

Do you have a favorite fitness product? What helps to keep you motivated? I’d love to know, let me know in the comments or send me a tweet!


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