Girl on the Go: How to ditch those blisters!

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It’s not often that I get my hands on a product that completely changes the game. In this instance the “game” I’m referring to is the walking, running, jogging and general busyness game. I tend to spend an inordinate amount of time on my feet, especially as a city girl where it’s sometimes faster to walk twenty blocks rather than wait for the bus or catch a cab. Any given day could mean as many as 12 hours on my toes – going from school, to a work related activity, to an event – this means I get to be the recipient of very many blisters. Lucky me. That is until now, COMPEED® Blister Medium Cushions are pretty much the most magical thing to happen to ankles and toes since, well, since a long time.

COMPEED Blister Cushions

COMPEED® Blister Medium Cushions is like a “second skin” – which sounds sort of gross, but is actually really genius. It’s a cushion that uses hydrocolloid technology that keeps natural moisture in and germs out, allowing the skin to breathe and move. Within 24 hours of applying the cushion, a white gel develops to protect and cushion blisters and provide optimum cushioning from rubbing and pressure. Since I’ve discovered these babies I’ve told every single female I know to pick these up. They are insanely effective. Seriously – and you can pick them up at any Walgreens.

COMPEED CushionsCOMPEED Medium Cushion

The first time I used them I used one below my big toe – which tends to get pretty bad blisters as that’s where my foot is widest, and it protected my blister enough so that it healed without getting irritated again. The crazy thing is that they fit so seamlessly, they don’t peel up with friction and movement, they stretch and stay on my skin as I walk, and I don’t even feel that it’s there. Did I mention that they’ll even stay put for a few days (your experience may vary)! Since I no longer have any blisters I now  use them for preventative measures, I’ll slip one around my heel when I’m breaking in new heels or flats, or when I know I’ll be spending an entire day on my feet.

Essential Beauty ProductsWays to Treat Blisters

My COMPEED® Blister Medium Cushions now hold an honored space (haha!) in my travel bag – which is basically the bag I carry in my purse filled with items that I need on especially long days. In my bag you’ll find: (1) Mineral Tinted Sunblock SPF50, (2) my glasses! I’m fairly blind without them, (3) breath mints or gum – foul breath is the worst, (4) at least two lip colors – one for daywear and one for nightwear, (5) hair bands – like most females I go through very many of these, (6) perfume and mini deodorant, (7) eyedrops, (8) hairspray – great for taming flyaways in between events, (9) COMPEED® Blister Medium Cushions, and (10) a pressed powder compact – both for the mirror and oil absorbing powder. Apparently COMPEED® has been a favorite among European women for the past 30 years! Not surprising. I am so glad that it’s finally made it over to the states!

Walgreens COMPEED

COMPEED® Blister Medium Cushions are available now, only at Walgreens (as well as Duane Reade if you’re in the city). Find out more about these amazing cushions here.


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