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My family has a pretty consistent history of digestive issues – on both sides. We’ve even recently had a diagnosis of Celiac’s disease in the family. And while I could let a little of lask-lustre medical history get me down, I have instead decided to take a few preventive (or coping, lol!) measures of my own. One of them is pursuing a healthier lifestyle, another is by taking Align Probiotic.


I recently had the chance to try Align, but beforehand I had been trying alternative probiotics – none of which really appealed completely to me. Because my family history, digestive health is a serious concern of mine – and especially because I personally do experience gluten sensitivity.


I headed to a local Duane Reade to pick up Align – it was actually my first time ever at the 72nd street location. With two floors, I’m in love with the 2nd floor of this Duane Reade, the glass walls, and extensive beauty and health selection is amazing! To see all the pics from my shopping trip click here!


I actually have been taking Align, adding it to my vitamin routine for over 14 days now. In my opinion Align is definitely something worth trying. It has really brought a sense of stability – or regularity – to my everyday digestion. And I definitely noticed a decline in upset stomachs.


Even if you don’t have a family with a history of digestive health issues, or even if you yourself are not gluten sensitive, the standard American diet is low in fiber (which helps digestion), and high in protein and simple carbs -which makes food harder to digest. Align has “good bacteria” – live microorganisms which help to bring the balance of bacteria back. Other reasons to take Align – if you travel a lot, or if you’re experience regular stress (um, who doesn’t? lol!).

To read more about Align – which is #1 Gastroenteroligist recommended – click here! Proctor and Gamble – better known as P&G – also offer tons of tips and savings here! Plus, if you buy Align right now, they include a pamphlet of over $15 in P&G product savings!


  1. June 2, 2013 / 7:22 pm

    This Duane Reade location looks amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with Align probiotic! I’ve not tried yet but is definitely on my short list 🙂 My sister also has gluten-sensitivities so I’ll have to share with her how well it worked for you!

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