Feature Film Friday: Shadow of a Doubt (1943)

Now this Friday’s film isn’t only a favorite of mine, it’s actually a favorite of the director’s too- Alfred Hitchcock. Said to be the king of suspense’s fav flick, Shadow of a Doubt is a quintessential Friday film. Suspense, intrigue, amazing artistic shots, and a murderer walking the streets of a small quiet town. *Sigh* I just love this film! Teresa Wright and Joseph Cotton star as a niece and uncle who share the same name- Charlie. Initially thrilled that her Uncle Charlie has come to her small town for visit, Young Charlie soon realizes that her own uncle may be the famed Merry Widow Murderer. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues as Charlie determines that he must kill his young niece to protect his secret, and as she does everything in her power to keep her family safe and get her uncle to leave them alone.

From an artistic standpoint, this movie is pure gold. The shots that Hitchcock filmed this movie in are dazzling. Seemingly typical, hum drum scenery of a small town is transformed into the set for a riveting thriller. From a viewing standpoint, the relationship between Uncle Charlie and Charlie is so well written and acted that you can’t help but read into the intriguing undercurrents of their relationship.



This is definitely one of those movies that once you see it, you’ll want to own it. What movies do you love? Are you a fan of mystery thrillers? Have you seen any other Hitchcock films???

Memorable Shadow of a Doubt Quote:

We’re not talking about killing people. Herb’s talking about killing me and I’m talking about killing him.

– Joseph Newton (Charlie’s dad)

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