Fall Beauty Must-Haves from PIXI by Petra

There are some products that I don’t discover their full potential until I’m in a real bind. A couple of weeks ago I was running late for an event, five minutes from being too late to catch the bus, with my makeup unfinished and full of last minute anxiety, I grabbed a couple of items from my makeup case and made a dash for it. Sitting on the bus (taking deep calming breaths) – I started to put on my makeup, and alas I had not grabbed my handy little brow kit but I did grab the PIXI Endless Brow Gel Pen which I had never used before.

Pixi Endless Brow Gel Pen Review

Luckily for me the Endless Brow Pen is exactly what a girl with misbehaving brows needs. Seriously, my brows are the riddle I can never solve – they’re thin (thank you tweezers and 90s brow trends) but can also poke up in odd directions. This pen goes on soft, fills in perfectly, but finishes solid so brows will not budge. At all. Well done PIXI! I’m so glad I finally gave this one a go – and since that fateful bus ride, I’ve been using this pretty much exclusively. Yes, I know, not having tidy eyebrows isn’t the most tragic thing to occur, but sometimes you do want to feel like you look your best – especially when you’re rushed and slightly frazzled. And this handy pen definitely helped in that particular arena.

Pixi by Petra Beauty

I also got my mitts on two of their gorgeous Mattelustre lipsticks, in Plum Berry and Pure Fuchsia. They’re so pretty! You can wear them either as a matte lipstick or a satin finish one – to wear as matte, you just blot lightly with a napkin after application. The colors look dramatic in the tube but look more conservative on the lips – which I love.

Pixi by Petra Mattelustre Lipstick ReviewPIXI by Petra Lipstick

I also was sent their Cat Eye Ink which I’m devastated about as I’ve lost mine (cue internal weeping) – this sturdy felt tip eyeliner is fool proof! If you’ve not mastered the classic cat eye flick then worry not – all you have to do is run this along the base of your lashes and tilt the pen right at the end. The shape is perfectly designed for achieving this classic look.

Pixi Cat Eye Ink Review

I know I’ve spent hours poking through the Pixi products in Target, so it was so great to get my hands on these beauties! And if you haven’t heard, for the past couple of months Pixi has been selling their cult-favorite Glow Tonic in a convenient travel sized in Target! That means no more waiting by the door for the mailman, now, we can just pick it up ourselves (which is great as I pretty much spend half my life in Target anyways)!

Pixi Glow Tonic at Target

Have you tried PIXI by Petra before? What are your favorite products? Have you mastered the cat eye yet? Let me know in the comments below!

Pick them up for yourself at Target, Target.com, or online here.


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