Early Breakfast with North Coast Organic Apple Products

Not much will get me to wake up significantly earlier than I usually do, but when I received the invite to join North Coast Organic at Maman – an adorable and popular café downtown – I didn’t have to give it much thought at all. I set my alarms, and set off bright and early.

North Coast Organic have been a part of the California Sonoma County apple legacy since 1922. What started as a small fruit dryer operation has since blossomed into a growing business, offering a full selection of apple-based products. All produce currently processed by North Coast Organic is grown organically in the United States.

Breakfast included Apple Cider Cake, Mini Apple Pie Tarts, Mini Apple & Walnut Muffins, a Granola Parfait featuring yogurt, farmhouse granola and organic pumpkin spice apple cider. The Maman chef incorporated North Coast Organic Apple products into every dish – from their apple sauce to their drinking vinegars. I wish I was have as talented in the kitchen. The Mini Apple Pie Tarts were my ideal holiday treat, the crust was light, spices were balanced, and the apple pieces were still present – really perfect.

Since I had to head to work, I opted for the apple lemonade & lemon mocktail featuring North Coast Organic apple-pomegranate drinking vinegar. It’s actually a tasty way to incorporate apple cider vinegar into your beverage, and was perfectly pared with the quinoa salad and mini grilled cheese with romesco sacue that we had.

We were joined by representatives from the company who shared the company’s history and dedication to constant innovation. North Coast Organic are just releasing their new probiotic apple sauce pouches, one of the only shelf-stable probiotic products out there. In flavors like strawberry apple, North Coast Organic are excited debut these travel-friendly and kid-friendly snacks.

North Coast Organic have also added drinking vinegars to their line-up, a much more palatable way to drink apple cider vinegar, which has been touted as having a variety of health-related benefits.

We were told that North Coast Organic was the last remaining apple company in Sonoma County, which is now home to mostly vineyards and wine operations. The breakfast was amazing, but I really loved hearing that North Coast Organic was expanding their presence in local markets, with availability on Jet and Amazon, and were already in the throws of creating new products and ways to share apples with consumers.

Find out more about North Coast Organic and where to find their products here.


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