Duracell is Offering Free Hearing Tests During the Month of May!

Spring has finally sprung and I’m so excited to share some exciting news with you guys! For those of you who might not know, May is National Better Hearing Month. Recently I joined Duracell and John Slattery – yes that John Slattery, of Mad Men – where Duracell debuted their new short film “Stay Connected” and announced that during the month of May, Duracell is offering 50,000 free hearing tests!

Duracell NYC Event

Hearing impairment is a national health issue, and one that is very near and dear to me since I personally have family members that are hearing impaired and use a hearing aid. Right now, according to the Center for Hearing and Communication, hearing impairment affects 48 million Americans. Research has found that people with mild hearing loss were more likely to develop dementia and nearly three times more likely to have a debilitating fall – which makes spotting and treating hearing loss so crucial. Unfortunately, 80 percent of those affected by hearing loss over the age of 65 often do not seek treatment.

Duracell and Hearing LossStay Connected with Duracell

For those who do, Duracell allows them to stay connected and experience all the moments of their lives more completely by powering them with long lasting hearing aid batteries. For those who don’t Duracell is offering them through this month’s free screenings, a way to take that first step towards being connected and perhaps seeking a full-scale assessment by an audiologist.

John Slattery Duracell Stay Connected

The best part? The tests, administered by through the National Hearing Test, are conducted via a quick over-the-phone screening. Developed with funding from the National Institutes of Health, it is the only screening test that is scientifically validated and the results remain private to the user.

John Slattery with Duracell Stay Connected Event

John Slattery discussed his experience with hearing loss – his father has been wearing a hearing aid for the past five years, and he genuinely hopes that Duracell’s new “Stay Connected” film will help Americans take a closer look at this issue within their own family and encourage them to take the first step with these free screenings.

Duracell Stay Connected Event

Take the test…

To take the free hearing test, you can call 1-844-9-Duracell or visit Duracell.com/StayConnected to view the film and find out more.

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