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My younger sister and I have this tradition that whenever we head down to Chelsea Market together, we also make a point to stop by the Doughnut Plant. I’ve been eating Doughnut Plant doughnuts since I was in middle school, and for me they’ll always be the gold standard for comfort doughnuts. Like Veniero’s, Two Little Red Hens, and Lady M Cakes, the Plant is one of my go-to spots for a sugar fix.

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This week, after swinging by the market to pick up massive scallops and sushi from The Lobster Place, pastries from Sarabeth’s and Amy’s Bread, and lunch from Hale & Hearty, we stopped at the Doughnut Plant. It might sound a little excessive, but leisurely days like those only come every so often and it’s always fun when you get home and you unwrap all of the treats you’ve been collecting throughout the day. Speaking of which, this week one of the Doughnut Plant’s seasonal (monthy? weekly?) special doughnut flavors was Coconut Lime!

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I picked up one of those in it’s doughseed form, which turned out to be a big mistake as they were insanely delicious. As a seasoned doughnut plant customer I should have known better, tsk tsk. I also bought some of my favorites including the chocolate hazelnut doughseed – which I seriously live for. Normally I would have gotten at least a handful of creme brulee – but at 11am, they were already sold out! I also finally tried the wild blueberry – which was a hit with my family members, but didn’t really impress me as much as the other doughnuts do. I also topped up on Brooklyn Blackout’s and Tres Leches, which are must-haves if you’ve never had them and must-have-agains if you already have had the pleasure.

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The sad part of this story is that I order a king’s ransom of doughnuts and within an hour of being home they’ve already been finished off and I’m left with a monstrous desire for more. On top of that, I’m fairly certain that should I get married that I would prefer a tower of Doughnut Plant doughnuts to any multi-tiered masterpiece.

Are you familiar with the Doughnut Plant? What are your favorite spots to satiate your sweet tooth (either in the city or local to you!)?


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