My DIY Terrarium

Terrarium DIY

I’m obsessed with terrariums. Yes, I mean it. I love that they add a bit of something green and living into any space. Also, I like that they don’t require a lot of maintenance, that I can forget to keep an eye on it for a couple of days and still find it alive.

Terrarium GiftHappy Gift Terrarium Kit
But in the spirit of full disclosure, I have killed a terrarium of plants before. It was a small one, from Whole Foods – which by the way is a great source of cute floral items like terrariums and mini bouquets – and unfortunately I was not able to give it even the minimal care it required. I’m not proud of my green thumbs down. But I actually got this one from a QVC Holiday Press Preview event I attended (watch this space for an in-depth sneak peek) and I was not about to turn away a second chance at adding the perfect amount of low-key greenery to my desk.

The company that makes these DIY Terrarium Kits is DIY Happy Kits. It’s really well packaged, including activated charcoal, soil, sand, a succulent, a glass terrarium bowl (I really feel like just saying mini fish bowl here), and easy DIY instructions. Even I could figure this one out. They also make these DIY kits to give as corporate or PR gifts, or event swag (like for birthdays and weddings).

I read that adding things like plants helps you to create a more “zen” workspace. I’m not entirely sold on the whole zen thing, but I do know it is really restful for my eyes not to land on a bright computer screen or even the alternative, piles and piles of papers to be filed. And with a terrarium I don’t have to worry about lighting something on fire like I do when I burn candles. Also, I feel like I’m getting in touch with my inner hipster, which is nice too.

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Are you a fan of terrariums?

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