Cold days, and Greek Pastries…

I must be the only New Yorker that loves grey weather. I love when it rains (so long as it isn’t humid) and I love quiet snowy days. I dream of cool weather all year. I actually end up spending more time exploring the city and outdoors when it’s cold as opposed to when it’s warm. One of my favorite places to go, and one that I’ve stopped by frequently in this cold weather, is Poseidon – a Greek bakery at 629 Ninth Ave that’s been around since 1923.

Poseidon-Greek-BakeryTheir spanakopita is just what spanakopita should be – a crunchy phyllo shell with soft feta and spinach inside. Simple and reliably delicious.

One sweet I can’t go to Poseidon and leave without is the galaktoboureko, a semolina custard pastry that’s both creamy and sweet and fairly drips of honey.

We also had Trigona – an almond paste pastry surrounded by phyllo and honey. It wasn’t particularly memorable – but I’ve never been a big fan of this particular pastry.

I’m a die-hard cookie lover. I will try most any cookie – but this time it was actually my mom who introduced me to Poseidon’s delicious Kourambieles cookies. Almond butter cookies coated in a generous amount of powdered sugar make this Greek treat perfect for coffee, tea, or when you need a sugary fix. And yes, they do melt in your mouth.

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  1. mariem
    July 15, 2014 / 7:11 pm

    this looks so good! i adore greek food!

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