Beauty Review: Orlando Pita Play

I had been lusting after the Orlando Pita Play collection for months when they finally, finally went on sale at Ulta for 50% off. While channeling my inner Tom Haverford, I picked up the Orlando Pita Play Ampli-Tint Color Depositing Hair Mask, Collateral Damage Leave In Concentrate, The Gloss Up Weightless Polishing Cream, and Recast Tinted Oil Spray Glaze. Ulta threw in a complimentary travel size Climate Change Humidity Blocking Hairspray.

Orlando Pita has been an industry mainstay for over 30 years, styling the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Connelly, and Kate Winslet. The Play line launched in early last year, and has already been heavily featured. I became aware of the line when I was badgering my mom over creating her birthday wishlist and she sent me links to Orlando Pita Play products. I was immediately intrigued, the packaging is just so well designed that you can’t help but be curious about the products. I read that Orlando was really involved in creating the packaging, all his time spent styling the runway has paid off because his latest line is extremely visually appealing.

Orlando Pita Play Styling Product Review

When I purchased the Recast Tinted Oil Spray in Brunette, I wanted to treat the lighter ends of my hair to match up with my roots. While Orlando Pita does not advertise this product as a temporary color, I read and was personally recommended the Tinted Oil Spray as a good product for temporary hair color. It’s not. There’s clearly some misconception surrounding this product, as I’ve read multiple magazines recommend it for that purpose. It’s a great product – just not for hair coloring.  It really is not a hair coloring or temporary coloring product. It’s excellent for refreshing an existing color, so if you’re already a brunette, blonde, or redhead and you feel like your hair is looking dull and lack-luster, this spray will refresh your color and add a lovely shiny (not oily) finish that isn’t sticky, and smells quite nice.

The Ampli-Tint Color Depositing Hair Mask comes in four colors: Cool Blonde, Golden Blonde, Copper Red, and Brunette. Again this is an excellent color-refresher and a great maintenance product especially if you have recently dyed your hair blonde or light blonde. You’ll notice the Cool Blonde Mask is that classic purple that works to offset any brassiness. The “complex key ingredients & benefits” that this products boasts? Silk protein – amino acid, Lilac cells – antioxidant, and Celestial Opal Extract – illuminating gemstone. Celestial opal extract sounds like some magical extract from a rare unicorn horn. I have no idea what it is exactly and couldn’t find any other online resources about it, but according to the OP website it promotes visual luster and radiance.

The Gloss Up Weightless Polishing Cream is my current go-to for adding shine post heat styling. If you have particularly dry hair, like I do, or hair that has been color treated, like I do, definitely give this cream a try. Unlike many styling products, this one is not oily or sticky, and it’s is actually lightweight (like it promises). It contains wheat and silk proteins, to enhance hair condition and shine. This one clocks in at $26.00 a tube, and based on my experience (and despite mixed online reviews), I would definitely repurchase.

My favorite of all the Orlando Pita Play products that I purchased is the Collateral Damage Leave In Concentrate. According to OPP, ceramides and lipids help seal the hair cuticle to improve texture, reduce frizz, enhance shine, reduce breakage and split ends, and combats future damage. Now that’s a tall order, but I can say that I have been using this straight out of the shower for the past couple of weeks, and I can already see and feel the difference it’s having on my hair. I really love the fragrant floral scent which characterizes the entire line, but it’s something that most people will either love or hate. Would I repurchase? Absolutely.

All the products in the Orlando Pita Play run in the $26-34 range, with the travel sized products costing about $14. Pita did have a former line of argan haircare products that launched in 2013, and a quick Google search reveals a 27oz Orlando Pita Argan shampoo still runs for $14.99-29.99 ($0.56-$1.11 an ounce). It’s a stark contrast to the $28.00 per 9.2oz Pita Play conditioners and shampoos ($3.44 an ounce). Think of that what you will. If you wait around for a sale, like I did, you could end up paying half that. All things considered, they aren’t the most expensive hair care products out there (like the tear-inducing Oribe products), but they aren’t the cheapest. Do your research ahead of time to pick out the products that you believe will serve you best, and stop by an Ulta and take the time to smell the products yourself.

Find out more about Orlando Pita Play here.

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