Orgullosa, BlogHer ’12, and all the rest…

So you’ve (maybe) probably (I hope) have noticed I haven’t been blogging much. Somewhere between classes, essays, mother’s day, birthdays, and the chaos of life I got a little bit overwhelmed and couldn’t fit in time to write. But now things have slowed down a bit and I thought I’d let you, my readers (yup, all three of you- and you mom, hi!), in on what’s been going on and what to expect.

First of all, I had this amazing opportunity to host an Orgullosa Gracias Mama house party through Vocalpoint‘s RSVP program. They came, they laughed, they ate, and they ran out my house with goody bags- and they did it all while showing appreciation to their mama’s! If you’re curious about what a house party is, what Vocalpoint is, Orgullosa, or the RSVP program, I’ll probably follow up this brief update with a full post where I can ruminate on the benefits of saying Gracias Mama and the support P&G is showing Latina women!

Now let’s talk BlogHer 2012. If you’re a blogger, then chances are you already know about the mother of all blogging conferences. If not, then I’ll gladly tell you- because BlogHer’12 is my most favorite thing to talk about nowadays (just ask my sister, she’s tired of hearing about BlogHer and it isn’t even June!). Basically, it’s this massive conference where thousands of bloggers converge on a a certain city (this time it’s NYC!) to come together and connect, learn, and inspire. Also, I hear there’s great swag. Bloggers and brands have a unique chance to connect and when we connect, we get to pass on the benefits to our readers! Anyways, it’s my very first time going and I’m thrilled/terrified/excited/anxious – so I’ll be sure to let you know alllll about it come August 2nd!

Lastly, I just got this amazing box! I thought I’d just throw this out there as something to expect as my sample box reviews seem to be pretty popular- all my reviews are completely candid, that way you’ll get a good idea of what the boxes are and whether or not you should invest, so stay tuned…

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