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Do you love a good Twitter Party? You know we do and we’re excited to host a party about refreshing ways to enjoy iced tea with Bigelow Tea from Target. On June 20th from 1-2 pm ET, please join us for the #TrendTea Twitter Party where we’ll be discussing cool ways to enjoy tea this summer whether by the pool, at the beach or on your porch and giving you a chance to win prizes!

As things get hotter, I’ve really taken to carrying about my portable tumbler. My most favorite beverage to carry along in it is freshly brewed ice tea. I used to drink loads of it when I was a kid and I feel like I’ve recently rediscovered it, I forgot how refreshing and tasty  it is – especially since I’ve been using Bigelow Tea! I can’t wait to talk tea with you all and chat about clever ways to serve iced tea, as well as where you’ll all be enjoying, serving, and sipping your Bigelow Tea this summer! Be sure to RSVP!

Join me and RSVP for the #TrendTea Twitter Party on SoFabChats!


DATE: Friday, June 20th

TIME:  1:00 – 2:00 pm ET

PRIZES: 5 – $100 Target Gift Cards

EARLY BIRD PRIZE: 1 – $50 Target Gift Card

HOSTS:@DawnChats,  @FrugalGreenMama, @KristaK2@SensAppeal

SPECIAL GUEST:   @bigelowtea

RULES:#TrendTea Twitter Party Official Rules

RSVP & PARTY GRID:#TrendTea Twitter Party Page

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DIY: Get Your Feet Ready for Sandal Season!

It happens every year. Winter says it’s final goodbye’s, and Spring drips into warmer weather and that’s when everybody pulls out their peep-toe pumps, strappy shoes, casual (but cool) flip-flops, and trendy sandals. I eagerly pull out my favorite espadrilles, slide off my winter worn boots and find my feet are hardly ready to go prancing about in revealing footwear. I’m not going to go into details about the horrendous state my poor feet will be by the end of a winter spent stomping around in boots, but I am going to tell you about how I rehab them and pamper them back into health!

These are my top five products for pampering my feet – you can always switch them out for something that works better for you, but all of these are tried and true for me:

1. Sally Hansen Clip N’ Catch Nail Clipper (ARV $4) – Best quality clippers I’ve owned, far better then the $1 nail clippers from the beauty supply store. It’s durable, convenient, definitely worth a spot in your routine. The Treat Ur Toes Control Toenail Clipper is another great option.


2. Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream (ARV $6) – this cuticle cream smells nicely of lemon and does exactly what it’s supposed to, it moisturizes, softens, and nourishes cuticles with Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Vitamin E, and Sunflower Oil. Massage around your nails nightly and in the morning if your nails need a little extra TLC!

3. Nail Buffer (ARV $1-5) – Give your piggie’s the ultimate twinkle toe treatment and give them a good buff and shine. You’ve gone ahead and invested in taking care of your feet – complete the job and contour, smooth and floss your toenails to polish-ready perfection. You can really go anywhere for one of these, but I reccomend the Ulta 4-Way Buffer Block or the Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer, which has a shape more suited for nails I think.


4. Foot Works Beautiful Action Pedi-Peel (ARV $6) – I have been obsessed with these pedi-pads for the past couple of weeks as they’ve completely saved my heels and really my feet altogether. Firstly, the pads smell really good – like a cucumber spa scent. And all you have to do is wipe your feet down with them and allow your feet to air dry, I always follow up with lotion. What it does is retexturizes your feet with glycolic acid and moisturizers – since I’ve been using it I’ve noticed my feet are significantly softer and smoother – love it!


5. AmLactin Foot Cream (ARV $10) – Best foot cream I’ve ever tried. Containing an alpha-hydroxy therapy using lactic acids this offers intense moisturization – without the irritation. I usually apply it after the pedi-peel and before I go to bed, I’ll slather it on and put on a clean pair of fuzzy socks – by the time I wake up my feet are ultra-soft!

The great thing is that all these products are $10 and under and they last for a good long while. Do you have any tips or tricks or any favorite products that you use to pamper your feet? Let me know in the comments below!

Cape May: West End Garage

One hot Sunday, my sister and I decided to walk from where we were staying on Beach Ave. to Sunset Beach in Cape May Point. It was kind of hot and humid out, but we’d packed lunch and iced tea so we were pretty confident that we could walk the three miles there in good time. Along the way we stopped in at West End Garage.

west end garage at Cape May Point

My sister’s an artist, and I have a love of beautiful things so it made sense for us to stop in.

At first I thought they just sold local art – but while my sister was exploring the gorgeous Cape May paintings I wandered towards the back where I found loads of handcrafted items as well as many many antiques and original pieces.

It’s really a lot bigger than it looks like from the outside!

westend garage

Candles! I own loads of Bath & Body Works candles, and couldn’t resist checking out these original pieces of wax art! How cool is the giant R2D2 and Yoda!

WestEndWestEnd Artwork

It’s an old-school typewriter! I dream of one day collecting these, I don’t have the space right now so my secret desire shall have to wait, lol!

WestEnd art

What the…?

WestEnd artistry

They do sell a lot of clothes and fashionable pieces, as well as glass created by local artisans, but I’m more interested in the older things – which West End is full of!

Lot’s of interesting finds… Including a working 1800′s brass ship compass, and an Artillary Casing from the USS Dubuque (1975) that apparently was collected by a sailor from the Dubuque while it was operating in Vietnam. Also, a set of vintage steer horns in pretty good condition.


Mugs from Tiffany’s!


I kind of regret not getting this Forget Me Not cup, I really wanted it but talked myself out of it at the last minute – and it was only $3.99! I just didn’t want it to break on our way back.


Okay, so get this in West End we snapped a pic of this glass case and on closer inspection we found something pretty fan-freaking-tastic:


Closer inspection:


Somewhere stuffed in there is a rare 1935 edition Johnny Gruelle illustration (for $24). Well, Johnny Gruelle was an American artist, political cartoonist, and children’s book author and illustrator. He also happens to be known as the creator of Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy! How crazy is that? If I had known then, I totally would have snapped it up!

Look at this 1952 magazine – aren’t her lashes amazing?!


I had such a great time exploring the West End Garage and definitely plan on returning sometime in the future! Click here to visit their website and for more information.

Cape May: Mario’s of Cape May Review

Two New Yorkers accustomed to legendary New York pizza make pretty tough customers for any pizza shop. But during our visit to Cape May on the Jersey Shore, my sister and I absolutely loved the pizza from Mario’s of Cape May. We stopped by while looking for a fast easy lunch during a hard laborious day of shopping. Located in the Acme parking lot, across the street from Washington Street Mall, and next to Cape Orient, Mario’s is completely unassuming. I mean really, if you’ve seen one pizza joint then you’ve seen them all – what separates the wheat from the chaff is all in the pizza.


During our visit they were running a lunchtime special of two slices and a medium drink for $5 – a pretty good deal. The first time we stopped buy, we weren’t in a sharing mood and opted for separate slices – I had a slice with broccoli and tomatoes, and my sister had a slice of the margherita.


Mine was ridiculously good – the crust was warm and crunchy, not too thick, not too thin – and stood up to the weight of the toppings without being hard. And the toppings tasted fresh, well seasoned, and delicious. The slice was super filling, although I could have gone back for another one – but my sister had promised me a dessert of Polish custard and I was determined to leave room for it.


My sister’s margherita slice inspired jealousy on my part. It smelled so good! My sister, being generous of spirit, required no coaxing to offer me a bite. And yes, it tasted it as good as it smelled. The margherita contained mozzarella, ricotta, pecorino romano, white cheddar cheese, garlic, fresh tomato chunks, and fresh basil – all combined on a crunchy, warm crust. My sister commented that she could even taste the yeast in the dough – she’s made bread, and make’s lots of pizza dough, and pie crusts all the time so if she’s impressed I’d take her word for it.

We came back a couple days later to take advantage of their lunch deal. You can’t really do a review of a pizza place without tasting the standard plain cheese slice – at least that’s what I told myself.


The plain cheese pizza re-affirmed my opinion that Mario’s was a pretty darn good pizza joint. Warm, cheesy, enough sauce, crunchy (but still soft) crust, and not too much oil – what more can you ask for?

Mario’s was another great Cape May find for us – we did try a pizza place on the boardwalk, across the street from where we were staying and it was overpriced and horrible (it didn’t even rate a review, or a even a picture). If you’re staying near the boardwalk, Mario’s is more than worth the walk (or drive). However, we did have a Chicken Parm & Pasta Molto Mario Meal one rainy evening and found it satisfying – or should I say filling – but unimpressive. So I’d recommend you stick with the pizza, with which you’ll be thoroughly impressed!

Have you been to Mario’s – what was your experience like? Have any favorite places that you visit while in Cape May? Let me know in the comments below!

Summer Breeze Giveaway!

Welcome to the $500 Summer Breeze Cash Giveaway!


The NYC Talon has joined forces with a great group of bloggers (as coordinated by Giveaway Promote) to bring you this fabulous giveaway! One lucky person will win $500 cash. Who couldn’t use $500?! I know I sure could! Unfortunately I can’t enter, but I’m crossing my fingers that one of my lucky readers wins! Think about what you could do with $500 – buy some ice cream, throw a party, pay a bill, fund your own hot dog eating competition! So what’re you waiting for? Enter to win below!

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Beating the Heat with Cool Gear! #HotintheCity

Content Disclosure
Every summer without fail my family makes a point of throwing a few barbecue’s – well, except for last summer. Last summer we were really busy and never managed to pull one together, so the second the weather began to heat up we made plans to go grillin’! Living in the city means having to go to a grill friendly park to get your barbecue on – so you have to be really selective about what you bring with you and how you carry it, because you’ll be traveling with it. Luckily for us I recently received Cool Gear’s new Collapsible Bento Box and Basic Lunch Tote Bag – which are really both lifesavers when it comes to transporting food!

Cool Gear

The Collapsible Bento Box in purple and the Basic Tote Lunch Bag in black

cool gear bento box

The Bento Box in action :)

We used the Collapsible Bento Box to bring our pickles and our tomato cucumber salad. Seriously, the Bento Box is one of my favorite items of the summer – the bottom collapsible portion stretches out to hold quite a lot of food (salad, a meal, whatever you want!), the middle part holds the three smaller containers – but it’s also able to be frozen, which keeps both the items in the top and bottom sections cool. Love, love, love it! My sisters, brother, and parents all want one of their own now!

Cool Gear Lunch Tote

I used the Basic Lunch Tote Bag to tote the Bento Box – it’s super cute, and Cool Gear offers lot’s of styles. It’s very roomy and sturdy, and comes with a zip pocket on the outside. I stored some first aid items in the zip pocket and used the bag to store my camera in when I wasn’t using it so it wouldn’t overheat by sitting out in the sun.


Water balloons & hot dogs? Yes please!

We ended up eating all the salad that we packed in the Bento Box, so we were able to collapse it – just slide the bottom portion onto itself, it’s great! Both the Bento Box and Tote Bag were excellent space savers and kept everything cool – even after five hours!

Check out Cool Gear, and their amazing products here! And don’t forget to check out the Collapsible Bento Box here, it retails for $12.99 and is worth every penny!

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My Ultra-Glam Girls Night In with Sally Hansen! #IHeartMyNailArt

It’s not very often that I get to have a girls night in – so when I recently had the opportunity I pounced on it and went all out! I’d been planning to try out color blocking nail art styles and who better to be my guinea pigs then my girlfriends?!

When I called up my friend with an invite she insisted that the party be furnished with junk food and treats, “I need a girls night” she commented eagerly. So after I unearthed My Big Fat Greek Wedding for us to watch, I dutifully headed to Walgreens and loaded up on lots of treats – including some fabulous nail art supplies from Sally Hansen!

sally hansen

There were so many colors and polish formula options that I felt like a kid in a candy store – but I eventually settled on a few. I also picked up a new top coat, nail polish remover pads, and this super cool Sally Hansen No More Mistakes Manicure Clean-Up Pen.

Walgreens Haul

After I stocked up on primping products I loaded up on lots of snacks! My haul included White Castle Mini Burgers, hot wings, honey BBQ wings, mozzarella cheese sticks, Valencia almonds, almond M&M’s, mini powdered doughnuts, cookies, margarita glasses, three Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips, six nail polishes, a top coat, a No Mistakes pen, nail polish removing pads, and old fashioned ice cream sandwiches – all for a grand total of $120! Not bad for a Girls Night In with all the fixin’s! Plus because I used my Walgreen’s Balance Rewards Card I scored 1,000 rewards points! See my whole shopping trip by clicking here.

i heart my nail art party
My GNI was so much fun! It did get quite messy but everybody had a great time and left with fab nails! I served loads of snacks – which were quite sticky so we had to clean our hands and nails really well before we started designing them!

Sally Hansen Polish

I really loved how easy it was to achieve the color blocked look with the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips – which paired up beautifully with the bright colored nail polishes I picked out. Here’s a quick tutorial:

color blocking tutorial sally hansen1. Clean your nails and file them down to your desired length and shape.

2. Coat your nails in a base color – two coats should be sufficient, with five minutes in between each coat to dry. You can also add an extra color at this point – like a quick swipe along the edge.

3. Cut your nail strips into desired shapes. These should be smaller than your nail – that way you can see a decent amount of your base color.

4. Apply nail strips and smooth over and shape edges. Remove any excess nail strip that might be hanging over.

5. Apply a generous layer of top coat, which will seal your nails. Repeat if necessary.

6. Enjoy your fab nails! Feel free to add extra embellishments like glitter or rhinestones – personalize your color blocked look in any way you like!

Here are the other designs that we created – let me know what you think!

Sally Hansen Color Blocking Nail Art

You can get a similar look by purchasing these Block Art items here on Walgreens’ online store!

I Heart My Nail Art

Sally Hansen I Heart My Nail Art

Girls Night In Sally Hansen I Heart My Nail Art

Right now until 4/27 Walgreens has all the Sally Hansen Xtreme Nail Polishes on sale for 2/$5 – and you get a 1,000 points when you use your balance rewards card! Looking to try out color blocking – the two polishes seen here would make a great ultra glam look – and you can even buy them online at Walgreen’s!

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Get Playful with the Y-Volution YGlider!

My family and I are serious park junkies, we love to pack up a few snacks, maybe even a picnic basket and head to our local park. We usually bring along a plethora of toys – everything from basketballs and tennis rackets to sidewalk chalk. Spring is my favorite time to head out doors and I distinctly remember when I was young that I loved to grab my scooter and let the budding greenery speed by as I hit the pavement like the little speed devil that I was.

Scooter for Little Kids
Scooters are probably the funnest toys out there, and I love that Y-Volution now has scooters for budding speedsters as young as three years old!

I recently had a chance to test out the Y-Volution G2 YGlider for kids three and older and I was thrilled with the construction of the scooter! It designed to have a lean-to-steer mechanism, which means better control for your little one. I love how the YGlider fosters better balance, motor, and coordination skills! The two wheels in front help with better balance and support, plus the handles are cushioned rubber – which gives your little guy or girl the control they need.

Y Glider

With only two pieces, all you have to do is click in the handle bar and you’re off!

What I love about the YGlider is that it’s a unpack and play kind of product. You can put it together right out of the box – I took mine to the park in the box so I could get some great pictures to show you guys, and I was nervous when I realized I had left my mini travel screw driver and scissors at home. So I was super happy to discover that it really was incredibly simple to put together and wasn’t locked in the box like most toys (*cough, cough* Barbie) are. Also, the YGlider is incredibly light weight and I had no problem toting it around.

The Yvolution YGlider retails at around $59.99 at Toys R ‘Us and is worth every penny – having done some research I’d say that it’s definitely the coolest, most safe, practical, and fun scooter for little ones out there – I know my four year old nephew is going to love speeding on this scooter all Spring and Summer long!

Enter to win your own YGlider and other awesome toys in the Fabtastic Bloggers Spring into Play Giveaway here! Learn more about Y-Volution, the YGlider, and the other awesome scooters the Y-Volution makes here!


Summer, SOYJOY, and a Giveaway!

About a year ago I was introduced to the SOYJOY bar- and since then I’ve been a massive fan. Gluten free, and absolutely delicious- I always have one hidden inside my purse in case I’m in need of a snack or, as my little sister puts it, a “knosh”.

This summer I was super busy. Between my first (huge) blogging conference, picnicking with my family, going on long walks, and general summer activities I was on my feet and moving around a lot. And more often than not, when I was in need of a snack SOYJOY was my first choice.

Because they’re baked with real fruit and ground whole soy- whose nutrients provide sustained energy to keep hunger in check between meals- SOYJOY bars are a healthy, portable snack that can fit into any healthy diet. They now come in 7 yummy flavors: Apple Walnut, Berry, Banana, Blueberry, Mango Coconut, Pineapple, and Strawberry- my personal favorites are Strawberry and Berry!

The texture of these bars is unlike any other bar that I’ve tried. Most bars have a sticky sort of honey and nut consistency. But the SOYJOY bars have a dense, moist, soft cookie texture (if that makes sense) – which tastes amazing! I was curious about how the bars were made so I went on over to the SOYJOY website and happily discovered that SOYJOY is pretty transparent on the nutritional facts, benefits, and process of making their bars. Here’s what I found about how the bars are cooked up:

Now, I’ve had a pretty darn SOYJOYous summer. I mean these bars have provided much needed sustenance for me and my family on more than one occasion- and now SOYJOY wants to provide one of my lucky readers with their own SOYJOY prize pack! Here’s a pic of everything the winner will receive:

The SOYJOY Prize Pack will include:

- Each of the 7 SOYJOY Flavors

- Pair if SOYJOY Sunglasses

- SOYJOY Blanket

- SOYJOY Cooler

- Recipe card with a refreshing fruit smoothie recipe

Want a chance to add some JOY to your life? Then click the image below to be taken to the rafflecopter form!

*Disclosure: I received a product in order to conduct this review/giveaway. This is a US only giveaway, open to those 18+ at the time of entry.

Rich Girl/Poor Girl: Summer Scents

I love perfume, but unfortunately my life has been a mixed bag of scented experiences. Born into a cloud of over-excited heady perfume using relatives, I grew up leaning towards more subtle, fresh, and sweet scents. Having experienced breathing in one to many mouthfuls of some of my relatives alcohol heavy cologne (which I’m sure may have caused some sort of brain damage), I was dissuaded from purchasing anything outside of light juvenile sprays. Luckily, during my high school years I attended school near a Sephora and was soon sampling all sorts of perfumes with a range of notes and scents – and I soon learned to appreciate the musky, floral, spicy scents that I once despised.

Feeling a little more up to snuff than my younger self in the scents department, here are the high end and low end options of my favorite summer scents!

The Garden Collection by Gucci

I’m a sucker for great lines of perfume, in fact one of my favorites happen to be the extensive DKNY Be Delicious series. But my favorite summer scents come from The Garden Collection by Gucci.

The first of this collection, Gorgeous Gardenia is a sensual perfume. There’s something warm and familiar about it’s scent, while also being light and floral- it’s quite an elegant smell. Gardenia, red berries, and pears gives this perfume its memorable scent.

The second, Gracious Tuberose has a sharper smell. Top notes of violet leaf, a heart of tuberose, and base notes of cistus and white cedarwood give this perfume a headier scent than the Gardenia. It’s the more mature scent of the collection.

The last scent of this collection, and my favorite of them all, is Glamorous Magnolia. This scent starts off smelling really fresh and light, but ends with a nice sweet sandalwood musk that I really just love. Citrus notes, with a lingering base of sandalwood and musk, leave this perfume and all the other ones from The Garden Collection by Gucci priced at $70 for a 1.7oz bottle.

Tahitian Orchid by Calgon, The Take Me Away! Collection…

I really really love the perfume version of this favorite Calgon scent. It has a sweet but fresh floral scent that really makes you feel bright and pretty. However, it can be pretty hard to find. Your best bet would be to go to your local KMart, Walmart, or other large department store and see if they have it in stock. If not, the body spray and lotion set is equally good – and will give the scent more staying power if you use it together- and it’s super easy to find at department stores and online. AVR $11 for a 1.5 fl oz bottle, or $15 for the body care set.

On either side of the price spectrum, any and all of these scents are a wonderful addition to any gals beauty and body care repertoire!

What are your favorite scents to wear? Do you strictly stick to one scent, or do you like to experiment? Let me know in the comments section below!