Spa Day with AmLactin at Guerlain Spa!

It’s not every day that I get to start my morning off with a massage. However, last Friday I joined AmLactin and Dr.Doris Day at Guerlain Spa in the Waldorf Astoria for a little R&R and to learn about why AmLactin is the lotion every gal should have in her skincare arsenal!

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I’m one of those people who suffer from really dry skin, and while I love prettily scented lotions and potions they don’t always “do it” for my skin – or worse, they’ll irritate it. AmLactin moisturizers contain alpha-hydroxy acids, which are pH-balanced for the skin and effective at exfoliating and hydrating.

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The AmLactin line includes Moisturizing Body Lotion, Cerapeutic Restoring Body Lotion, Ultra Hydrating Body Cream, and Foot Cream. I’ve been using the line to rehab my winter weary skin – I tend to let my skincare fall by the wayside during the colder months, I just get sort of lazy about it because I usually wear clothes to cover up and stay warm rather then show off and stay cool. The craziest thing is that when I apply the lotion to my skin it doesn’t just sit on the surface and it doesn’t feel sticky or oily, it absorbs quickly and my skin feels softer and really rehydrated. It’s the only body lotion that I’m using right now and I’m just in love with it.

AmLactin, Dr.Doris Day

“The lactic acid in the Utra Hydrating Body Cream & Cerapeutic Restoring Body Lotion are designed to soften the skin and gently push forward those cells that are ready to move up without over stripping your skin” Dr.Day told me in an interview, “I love it, I’ll slather it on my feet when I got to bed and you know a lot of men will even use it on the beard area too”

When asked what she loved most about the line she said “It’s a great multi-tasking product – I love the idea that while I’m exfoliating I’m also moisturizing”. I have to agree – any product that works and saves me time is right up my alley!

Guerlain, Guerlain Spa, NYC, Spa, AmLactin

My massage was fantastic (and the first one I’ve had in ages) and the Guerlain Spa in the Waldorf Astoria is simply gorgeous! Easily one of the best Friday mornings I’ve had to date!

To find out more information about AmLactin and Dr.Doris Day click here!

You’re Gonna LOVE this! Valentine’s Day Blast Giveaway!

There’s nothing like being wined and dined by the one you love. This Valentine’s Day four Fabtastic Bloggers (stands for fantastically fabulous or fabulously fantastic, either way works) one of them being yours truly, have gotten together to offer you a chance at the ultimate Valentine’s Day giveaway package! Movies and dinner? Check! Dessert? Check! Luxe Spa products? Check! Champagne? Double check! Now’s the time to enter the Fabtastic Bloggers Valentine’s Day Blast!

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