Everything You Need to Prep for all of Your Holiday Parties

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There is nothing I like better than a good holiday party. I’ll snap up any opportunity to get all dolled up, and I feel like we’re all granted a little leeway to get ridiculously glittery and glamorous during the holidays. There’s nothing more festive than velvet heels, glitter eyeshadow, cat eyes, and a flute of champagne in hand. Thanks to BabbleBoxx, I’m sharing with you my favorite picks for getting party perfect in a pinch!


I’ve mentioned my super-dry lips before. Nothing ruins an expensive lipstick (of which I may have placed many on my wishlist), like dried out and flaky lips. Taking care of your lips should be right up there with the amount of time we spend worrying about the state of our eyebrows. The Chapstick Total Hydration Lip Scrub is effective at sloughing away any rough patches, and leaving your lips soft and perfectly kissable – cue the mistletoe! Another bonus? This scrub is perfectly affordable, which I love, and make for a perfect stocking stuffer.


Another Chapstick product I can’t live without this season? Their new Total Hydration Moisture & Tint Lip Balm. In three gorgeous shades – Merlot, Coral Blush, Rose Petal – these lip balms use ingredients that are naturally sourced like Rosehip Seed Oil and Argan Oil. The formulation is really gorgeous and doesn’t feel oily or sticky, and the colors themselves lend a really pretty tint to your lips.


Masks have ruled the beauty marketplace for a few years now and with good reason. There’s nothing like being able to apply a mask and forget it, letting them work their magic as you dance around your apartment to Carey, Buble, and Crosby. Or is that just me? The Dr. Brandt 3-D Filler Mask is a leave-on mask that works to counteract the effects of aging. It’s basically a gentle push-up for the lower half of your face. Among is benefits is the ability to visually add volume to plump the skin and visually smooth laugh lines. I’ve loved all the Dr. Brandt products that I’ve owned and this one is no exception. This mask is sure to get you feeling ready for a night on the town or that amazing New Year’s Eve party you’re planning on attending! Sore 20% off your mask by using the code BABBLE3D and going through this link.


If you’ve been around here before, you know I’m always on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ hairspray. I probably won’t be satisfied until they come out with a hairspray that reaches out and does my hair for me while serving me champagne and a giving me a manicure. A girl can dream. Until then I’ve got MarulaOil Rare Oil Protecting Hair Spray. It’s a flexible, layerable hairspray that works to replenish your hair while holding it. I know what you’re thinking, “layerable?!” While visions of helmet hair float through your head, let me assure you that this is not the case. This hairspray leaves your hair perfectly touchable and shiny, even after multiple applications. Definitely worth finishing off your party ‘do with. This Protecting Hair Spray retails at around $26, find out more here.


Katy Perry’s advice for applying perfume? “I never spritz on my skin. I always spritz and walk into it and I like to spray on my hair.” Take it from Katy, whose new Katy Perry Mad Love Fragrance is already social media famous. The fragrance itself is really fun with top notes of Lady Apple Sorbet, Mara Strawberry, and Pink Grapefruit, a heart of Peony Petals, Sun-kissed Jasmine, and Bleeding Heart flower, as well as a base of Sandalwood, Skin Mush, and Coconut Wood. The bottle itself features a trendy marble top, with pink glass and black labeling. I’m fairly certain this fragrance found its way on many a wishlist this year, and it would make a great scent to spritz before you head out  for your end of the year bash! To find more deets and purchase, click here!

So what parties do you have planned for the end of 2016?

Join Me At The #HeartMyHair Style Party on Pinterest!


Are you looking forward to holiday gatherings and parties? Whether your holiday plans include entertaining at home or an exciting event, you’ll want to mark your calendar and join us for the #HeartMyHair Style Party on Pinterest!  Every great hair day begins with the right tools, like the Conair Curl Secret™ and Pro Q3™ hair dryer.  We’ll be sharing holiday hair styles easily achieved with these must-have hair tools and tips to help you put together a fabulous holiday look.

To add a fun twist to our festivities, when you join the party and chat with us on Saturday, December 06th at 4pm ET, we’ll let you in on a not so little secret, a $1000 secret, in fact!  We’ll be announcing the #HeartMyHair Sweepstakes that you won’t want to miss because the grand prize is a $1000 Walmart gift card!  Shhhh, we’ll be unveiling a secret code during the chat for you to use for a second chance to win big!


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Can’t wait to join in the fun?


Party Perfect with DR Legwear!


I’ve had quite a few parties to go to since the holiday season started – it’s part of the reason why I love Christmastime so much, you get to spend so much of it with family and friends. I always like getting dolled up for events, and my favorite local place to pick up anything from party supplies to makeup and stockings is Duane Reade!

Their legwear is a perfect party outfit pick-me-up – now, you can always find typical tights at Duane Reade, but during the season I’m a sucker for their more eccentric pieces.  After being invited to a local beauty event I headed over to Duane Reade over on 51st – where they have a massive selection – and bought a couple pairs of their tights. But my favorites for this time of year are their black glittery tights.

Duane Reade Tights

These are so perfect for jazzing up a holiday party outfit – the glitter just make’s your outfit a little more glamorous, I think. Also, while they look very opaque in store, out of the package they’re a little more sheer but still surprisingly sturdy.

#DRLegParty #shop #cbias

I love bows – they make very festive accents and sort of remind me of Christmas presents.

#DRLegParty #shop #cbias

I also picked up this Milani polish on sale at Duane Reade. Party tip: if you’re running low on time before a party, swing by any Duane Reade and grab a glittery top coat. It make’s your nails look so fun, and you’re sure to get a ton of compliments!

#DRLegParty #shop #cbias

I’m definitely planning on wearing the glittery one’s for New Year’s Eve – they really do add a little “something” to your outfit.

As it happens, Duane Reade is hosting a “Show Us Your Party Legs” contest on their Facebook page, which you can find here! You have to click on the “Show Us Your Party Legs” tab at the top of the page, but if you enter you’re in the standing to be one of three grand prize winners who’ll receive (1) Broadway.com $500 gift card, (1) Mr. Chows $500 gift card, (1) Limousine ride, and (1) Duane Reade $250 gift card! You can find all the details and enter by clicking here.

#DRLegParty #shop #cbias

A Million and Counting, with Duane Reade!


It’s not everyday you get to join your favorite NYC drugstore and celebrate them hitting over 1 million twitter followers! But I was more than thrilled to join Duane Reade, Duane Reade VIP bloggers, and even many of you on twitter to party and celebrate Duane Reade hitting a history making 1 million followers on twitter!

Prior to the #DR1MM celebration I headed down to Duane Reade’s 40 Wall Street location where I was prepped to party by having an amazing manicure, and later having my hair done.

#DR1MM #cbias #shop

I decided I wanted to go for The NYC Talon colors (black and hot pink) and my manicurist – who was amazing by the way – not only did a flawless job on my nails, but also assured me that if I came back to visit her she could help me rehab my yellowing nails. “You paint your nails a lot” she pointed out, “make sure you’re using a basecoat”. I haven’t used a basecoat in ages, I know, I’m incorrigible. “Come back, and I’ll help you make your nails white again.” I plan to.

#DR1MM #shop #cbias

My amazing manicurist! She was sooo nice!

The polish I chose were OPI’s Charged Up Cherry for the tips, and Black Onyx. Also, if you’re in NYC definitely consider going to one of Duane Reade’s Nail Bar’s to get your nails done – my manicurist informed me that they can do any number of styles or designs, including – my favorite – matte nails.

#DR1MM #cbias #shop

I also had my hair done by Koni Bennet (@glassofclass on twitter) at Duane Reade’s in-house salon, who did an amazing job with my hair! I absolutely love the curls! I still can’t believe that NY’ers can walk into a Duane Reade with a messy do and walk out with hair like this. Amazing. It’s that kind of service that makes me not surprised (though really happy) that Duane Reade has hit 1 million – and counting – twitter followers.

#DR1MM #cbias #shop

In between dining on Duane Reade’s in-house brand DeLish sushi, and fruit smoothies, and rubbing elbows with Duane Reade executives and Duane Reade’s own PR/Digital Communications Manager, Calvin Peters, I also twitter partied with many of you – who joined us for a evening of celebration! Some of you who tweeted with us at our party even won some pretty amazing gift cards!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was so cool seeing all your tweets on the the jumbo screen while at the event – and I loved sharing them with you too! Thank you for joining us!

While not all of you have had the opportunity to meander through NYC streets and waltz into a local Duane Reade, many of you pointed out that the things that have made Duane Reade so popular, is a combination of stellar service, great products, and dependability. I couldn’t agree more.

I’m so happy to be a Duane Reade blogger and definitely am looking forward to Duane Reade’s next celebration – here’s to looking forward to two million! ;)

Partying with Post-Its!

Last Wednesday night I had the pleasure of attending probably the coolest Post-It and Scotch (as in the tape, lol!) party ever! I went with my sister (the artist) and had so much fun!

We were greeted at the event by loads of Post-It art – from mini post-it pieces of art to large twister-looking sculptures. I was completely blown away by all the amazing things you could do with Post-Its!

Here’s some photos from the event:

postit fashionAren’t these the most fashionable post-it products! I love them!

postit artAwesome Post-it art created by Greg Adamson and Robert Mann respectively.

postit artAMAZING Post-It art – who knew you could do so many creative things with Post-Its!?

Alton DuLaneyDesign Consultant Alton DuLaney shows off the skateboards he designed using Post-It and Scotch’s line of office and craft products!

postit signature seriesI had an inside peek at Post-It’s new Signature Series which will be sold online and at boutiques! They’re designed by artists and look gorgeous!

I had such a blast at this event, my sister is already dreaming of one day designing her own line of Post-It’s for their signature series, lol! I loved seeing the original and unique pieces created by artists with Post-It’s and loved the new products they have out. It’s really great to see Post-It’s veer into designer and craft territory – the Post-It brand is no longer relegated to the corner of one’s desk, with new designs and fabulous products Post-It demands attention!

*Disclaimer: I was invited to the event as press and received a gift bag during the event. However, my opinions are 100% my own and not influenced in any manner.

My Ultra-Glam Girls Night In with Sally Hansen! #IHeartMyNailArt

It’s not very often that I get to have a girls night in – so when I recently had the opportunity I pounced on it and went all out! I’d been planning to try out color blocking nail art styles and who better to be my guinea pigs then my girlfriends?!

When I called up my friend with an invite she insisted that the party be furnished with junk food and treats, “I need a girls night” she commented eagerly. So after I unearthed My Big Fat Greek Wedding for us to watch, I dutifully headed to Walgreens and loaded up on lots of treats – including some fabulous nail art supplies from Sally Hansen!

sally hansen

There were so many colors and polish formula options that I felt like a kid in a candy store – but I eventually settled on a few. I also picked up a new top coat, nail polish remover pads, and this super cool Sally Hansen No More Mistakes Manicure Clean-Up Pen.

Walgreens Haul

After I stocked up on primping products I loaded up on lots of snacks! My haul included White Castle Mini Burgers, hot wings, honey BBQ wings, mozzarella cheese sticks, Valencia almonds, almond M&M’s, mini powdered doughnuts, cookies, margarita glasses, three Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips, six nail polishes, a top coat, a No Mistakes pen, nail polish removing pads, and old fashioned ice cream sandwiches – all for a grand total of $120! Not bad for a Girls Night In with all the fixin’s! Plus because I used my Walgreen’s Balance Rewards Card I scored 1,000 rewards points! See my whole shopping trip by clicking here.

i heart my nail art party
My GNI was so much fun! It did get quite messy but everybody had a great time and left with fab nails! I served loads of snacks – which were quite sticky so we had to clean our hands and nails really well before we started designing them!

Sally Hansen Polish

I really loved how easy it was to achieve the color blocked look with the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips – which paired up beautifully with the bright colored nail polishes I picked out. Here’s a quick tutorial:

color blocking tutorial sally hansen1. Clean your nails and file them down to your desired length and shape.

2. Coat your nails in a base color – two coats should be sufficient, with five minutes in between each coat to dry. You can also add an extra color at this point – like a quick swipe along the edge.

3. Cut your nail strips into desired shapes. These should be smaller than your nail – that way you can see a decent amount of your base color.

4. Apply nail strips and smooth over and shape edges. Remove any excess nail strip that might be hanging over.

5. Apply a generous layer of top coat, which will seal your nails. Repeat if necessary.

6. Enjoy your fab nails! Feel free to add extra embellishments like glitter or rhinestones – personalize your color blocked look in any way you like!

Here are the other designs that we created – let me know what you think!

Sally Hansen Color Blocking Nail Art

You can get a similar look by purchasing these Block Art items here on Walgreens’ online store!

I Heart My Nail Art

Sally Hansen I Heart My Nail Art

Girls Night In Sally Hansen I Heart My Nail Art

Right now until 4/27 Walgreens has all the Sally Hansen Xtreme Nail Polishes on sale for 2/$5 – and you get a 1,000 points when you use your balance rewards card! Looking to try out color blocking – the two polishes seen here would make a great ultra glam look – and you can even buy them online at Walgreen’s!

*Disclaimer: I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® . and COTY #cbias #SocialFabric

Red Carpet Ready Movie Night & Giveaway with Wholly Guacamole & Daily’s! Ends 2/28

You all know I’m a movie loving lady, so a couple of nights ago I had a little movie night get together in order to get myself psyched up for the Oscars – which are on in only two more days (depending on the time you read this post, lol)! wholly7

Wholly Guacamole & Salsa products are all natural, gluten free, contain no preservatives,

are non GMO, and are Kosher Certified.

Of course, no movie night party is complete without chips, salsa, and guacamole! Wholly guacamole makes my most favorite salsa so I was really excited to get my hands on some of their creations. I love how their salsa always tastes really really fresh – the flavor of the tomato really comes through, and it always delivers that really great spicy kick that I just love. Seriously perfect dipping salsa.


I made some super yummy ham and provolone quesadillas to dip in our Wholly Salsa!

And no proper party is complete without some Daily’s, and it only seems appropriate to have champagne at a pre-Oscars viewing party! Daily’s has loads of tips and recipes that make entertaining a whole lot easier on their site here, and for the recipe for the (seriously) delicious celebratory drink – Peach Party Champagne click here or on the image below.


And while I normally don’t cook at all for movie night, I just had to try Wholly Guacamole’s Guacamole Deviled Eggs (recipe here). Instead of using the basic guac, I used spicy guacamole – which added a welcome kick to the filling.


These were surprisingly delicious and even more surprisingly- easy to make! I loved loved loved them and so did my movie-watching buddies!


So because Joaquin Phoenix is nominated for Best Actor in a Leading role, we decided to watch (drumroll please)… The Village! Woohoo! The Village is one of my all-time favorite movies, I love the suspense and the relationship between Lucius (Phoenix) and Ivy and well as Lucius and his mom. However, our party lasted a little longer than I had expected and we also ended up watching another Joaquin Phoenix film – Walk the Line, which is also another all-time favorite! I own the soundtrack, and know the whole movie line for line and it never gets old. Phoenix does an amazing job as Johnny Cash to Reese Witherspoon’s June Carter Cash. It was a totally eventful, fun night, fueled with yummy snacks and drinks!

Now it gets even better, the wonderful folks at Wholly Guacamole not only invite YOU to join us at an exclusive “Red Carpet Ready” twitter party during the Oscars on February 24th! Just follow along with the hashtags #Oscars and #RedCarpetReady — share your movie night photos, dish on the Red Carpet fashion, and share your opinions on the winners and losers!

And in addition to your #RedCarpetReady invite, Wholly Guacamole will also be gifting one of my lucky readers with their own Red Carpet Ready prize pack including Wholly Guacamole and Wholly Salsa products, promo items from Wholly Guacamole and Daily’s, AND a $20 Walmart gift card! How awesome is that?!

To Enter, Please Leave One Comment PER Entry!


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Optional, but much appreciated! Also leave one comment per entry for these as well!

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Giveaway Ends on 2/28/12 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

*I was provided with product samples from Wholly Guacamole in order to facilitate this review. My opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.

Join me at the Lane Bryant “Holiday Fashion Fun” Twitter Party!

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Feed Your App-etite Verizon Crowdtap VIP Party Recap

I love throwing parties and recently I was lucky enough to be chosen to host via crowdtap, a Verizon VIP party. Focusing on the amazing apps available out there me and my party guests not only stuffed ourselves with snacks, but also bought new apps, talked about old ones, and played a few app-themed games.

Here are some images from the event:

These are some cupcakes that I made for the party- I stuck with the app theme and decorated my mini cupcakes with them. Everybody absolutely loved them- as seen in this next image! ;)

They, along with all the snacks, were gone in no time!

We also played games like “Which app am I?”- which you play by writing down three clues about each app on a piece of paper (8 1/2 x 11 inch is recommended). Then you  tape or pin them to the back of each guest as they arrive. Each guest has to ask other guests to read a clue off their sheet to guess which app they are. It’s actually quite fun to play- although this game has the potential to get really silly!

I also created menu’s, as per the theme of this party, exhibiting some great apps- some old familiar ones, and others- which we all tried and discussed. We also chatted about if we could create any app what would it do- and we came up with our own magical app. Our app would be a time altering app- a sort of time machine.

All in all, an excellent time was had by all- and special thanks to Verizon and Crowdtap for sponsoring this event!

To join crowdtap, or learn more- click here!

*I received a party pack from Verizon in order to host this party.