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There are a handful of products and brands that I keep buying over and over again. They are beauty and personal care products that just plain work, they’re dependable and frankly irreplaceable. Oxy is one of those brands, and I can honestly say I’ve been purchasing since I was in middle school. I don’t care how many products hit the market, whenever I have a last-minute acne emergency, I reach for Oxy.

The Oxy Maximum Action Rapid Treatment line is my favorite. Have you ever woken up with a monster zit? Or found yourself with a cluster of blemishes before a big event or interview? Yes, yes, and yes for me. They are the worst. The Oxy Maximum Action Spot Treatment is a cream that is oil-free, dermatologist tested, and my got-to for tackling sudden acne flare-ups. The Spot Treatment features maximum-strength 10% benzoyl peroxide and can visibly reduce redness in as little as 4 hours. It also boosts skin cell renewal for fresher, brighter skin. I know whenever I use this baby, my zits are zapped, usually overnight.

OXy Acne Medication

The line also features a Rapid Treatment Face Wash which is designed to kill acne bacteria while relying on a skin soothing formula. I was really prepared for this to leave my skin feeling dry and rough, but it actually left more of a clean feeling without all that scaling. Personally, I have more sensitive skin, so I only use this two to three times a week on an as-needed basis. Luckily, they’re also released a sensitive skin version of this wash – so keep an eye peeled for that one!

Oxy Product ReviewOXY 28 Day Challenge

Now my favorite out of the entire line is the Rapid Treatment 3-in-1 Pads. The pads include 2% of salicylic acid that instantly works to fight acne. Upon application, the pads start to unclog pores for clearer skin while also controling oil to prevent future breakouts. They also work to retexture skin for a smooth complexion and even keeps on working between uses. Each tub contains 90 pads, which will definitely last you awhile – unless you’re like me and have sisters and friends who frequently raid your cabinet and steal your Oxy. It’s definitely the most effective product in my skincare arsenal, honestly.

The 28 Day Challenge

Oxy Acne Treatment Spot Treatment

Right now you can take the 28 Day Challenge – first you download the app, then you can create a customized treatment plan. Once you’ve got your program, pick up the recommended OXY® products from your local store. Then use them on your acne for the next 28 days to get visibly clearer skin.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the results, OXY® will give you a complete refund – no questions asked. So what are you waiting for? Take the OXY® 28 Day Challenge and get clear skin. Guaranteed or your money back.

You can rely on Oxy, whether it’s for stress-related acne during finals week, or the pesky spot you spotted on your chin right before an important interview or presentation! Are you a fan of Oxy?

*This post is sponsored by Oxy. All opinions presented here are my own.*

Cleanse and Exfoliate: OXY Daily Defense Review & Giveaway! #HotintheCity

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I love the summer, and don’t get me wrong but while all the running around in the sun is fun, I have oily skin and my pores are more sensitive than ever. And I’m not the only one, when the heat hits all the gals in my household complain about oily skin. For me, oily skin equals acne – so to prevent it we use OXY.

I’m sure you’ve heard of OXY’s products before, I used OXY all through high school to keep dreaded acne at bay. Since then I use their products as a preventative measure – sharing them with Jule’s (my little sis) who get’s beauty and skincare advice from her older sister.

oxy daily defense review

We had a chance to test out OXY’s Daily Defense Exfoliating Body Scrub and their New OXY Daily Defense Sensitive Cleansing Pads. The body scrub has a sharp orange citrus scent – which really makes your skin feel fresh and awake. It’s clinically proven to treat and help prevent breakouts. It contains 1% of Salicyclic Acid, and personally has really helped with some minor backne (back acne) that I’ve been experiencing. Also, I used a cheap razor on my legs and after using the scrub the redness and irritation the razor had caused to my skin went away almost immediately – so that’s definitely a plus!

oxy sensitive skin

I know a lot of acne products on the market tend to be really harsh and drying – enter OXY’s new Daily Defense Sensitive Cleansing Pads. Because they are formulated for sensitive skin, the pads do a great job of cleaning up oily, clogges pores. Jules and I are in love with these pads – they don’t leave our skin feeling tight after using them – instead they leave our skin feeling noticabley cleaner. My forehead tends to turn into an oil slick during the summer months – so this product is a lifesaver for me!

Do you have acne? Does your skin also get oily and especially sensitive during the hot summer months? Let me know! Meanwhile, OXY has decided to offer one lucky NYC Talon reader both of the OXY products that I got to try – the OXY’s Daily Defense Exfoliating Body Scrub and their New OXY Daily Defense Sensitive Cleansing Pads!

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